Pet Care5 Enrichment Ideas to Stop Your Dog Getting Bored

5 Enrichment Ideas to Stop Your Dog Getting Bored

If your dog is already showing signs of boredom, or you just want to avoid it from happening, there are lots of things you can do to ensure they are enriched on a daily basis.

Whether you have lots of time to spend with them or not, you can ensure your dog is receiving all the stimulation they require to stay happy. From lovely new walks to training, there’s lots you can do. Here are our top five boredom-busting ideas for your pooch.Ideas to Stop Your Dog Getting Bored

1. Walks in new places

Walking your dog is a sure fire way to avoid them becoming bored – and walks are so important for them. But have you considered that they could actually become bored by visiting the same place every day?

Mix it up a bit and try to vary where you take them – they’ll have new sniffs to investigate, new dogs and humans to meet, maybe other wildlife to spot, which can offer bags more mental enrichment.

It’s thought that dogs need between 30 minutes to two hours of walking per day – this is obviously breed dependent so if you’re unsure, it might be a good idea to ask your vet.

2. Activity toys

If your dog loves to play by themselves with a toy, why not embrace that? Think of ways you can help them to be stimulated when you aren’t around. Find robust toys that they can’t easily break and incorporate food or treats into it, too.

For example, you fill a treat ball with healthy snacks and open it just enough for them to play while you’re gone. They’ll spend time nudging the ball with their nose and paws to collect their reward.

3. Take time to play

As a dog owner you can feel pressure to buy fancy toys and games. Although these things can make for amazing enrichment activities, if you have the time to spend playing with them, you can always keep it simple.

Many dogs love playing fetch – and if you have different toys to throw for them, they’ll have lots of fun. The great thing is, this can both be played indoors and outdoors.

You can always also play hide and seek with the toys and see how many your furry friend can sniff out and bring back. Simple can also be effective.

4. Training isn’t just for puppies

‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ – right? Not necessarily. Dogs are looking for stimulation all the time, and if they’re having fun, they’ll definitely learn new things. You don’t have to be the owner of a puppy to give new training a go.

Classes with other dogs present might be fun for them as they’ll have the experience of being around other fur babies – whether you opt for basic obedience training or agility. However, if you think training them on their own would be more productive, you could invest in a dog training device to make the process easier.

5. Consider their breed

This can be really important when it comes to caring for the needs of your dog – all breeds have different character traits and therefore have differing needs. For instance, there are many dog breeds that love to dig and rather than getting cross with them for this – why not create them a space where they’re allowed to do it?

Doing things they naturally want to do and enjoy will be incredibly enriching for them and if you don’t want to sacrifice an area of your garden, why not make a digging pit for them?

Your dog is a much-loved member of your family, so it’s important to ensure they’re enriched and happy. Hopefully we’ve helped you to keep tails wagging with these five ideas for your good boy or girl.


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