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Easy Ways to Personalize a Childs Party

Birthday parties are a special memory for both children and their parents. Every moment, presents and party hats and blowing out the candles there are all memories that everyone will treasure. All mom’s and das want ot do something special for their children to commemorate another year of a precious life. Sometimes it’s the big gestures, and others it’s just the little things that make it special.

The Birthday Song – The traditional “Happy Birthday” tune is a classic. But why not take it a step further with an original song for the birthday boy or girl. It’s not very expensive but it’s sure to buy a lot of smiles. It’s actually surprisingly easy to order a CD or even just an MP3 with a specially personalized tune that mentions your child by name.

Games – There are plenty of popular party games for kids of all ages. But when you personalize the games to honor a special kid it makes them unique. Turn Pin the Tail on the Donkey into Pin the Hat on the Birthday Child. With a blown-up photo and some construction paper it’s an easy transformation. Have the kids create their own hats for the game to add another activity to the festivities. You can also take a kid’s favorite game like Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders and bring them to life with giant confections or an inflatable slide.

Quiet Games – Down time at a kid’s birthday party seems like a fool’s dream. But a few quiet games sure can help. For younger kids, turn photos of the birthday child into coloring pages or they can color pictures of the host child’s favorite things. Create a coloring table with lots of crayons and encourage kids to put special birthday messages on their drawing. When the party is over, compile the art into a special scrapbook to remember the day. Older kids can be engaged with word games like a contest to see who can make the most words out of the letters in the birthday boy or girl’s name.

Invites and Favors – If you want to open and close the party in a highly personalized way then invitations and favors are perfect. Pre-made invitations are easy to get in packages pretty much anywhere. But you can personalize them with, stickers a rubber stamp or by enclosing photos. Or you can order custom invitations and upload your own message and images. For favors, you can get all kinds of personalized favors that have a name on the wrapper, tag, or bag. It can get expensive to go crazy with embellishing. But one or two emblazoned items in a favor bag will make a big impact.

Decorations – Pretty much all of the decorations have the potential to be customized. The most common personalized touch at any party is a banner. Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, or any other kind of celebration, a sign or vinyl lettering that says “Happy Birthday Tommy” Is the easiest way to make sure your child feels like the center of attention. But in addition to these kinds of overtures, there are other more subtle ways to inject some personalization. From table cloths to, pins, and hats, all of these party staples can be emblazoned with names, initials, images of the child or pictures of a favorite pet or role model.

Entertainment – Speaking of favorite things and role models, entertainment is an easy area to go the extra mile for a child. Clowns, magicians, and balloon animals are all beloved by kids everywhere. But what makes your child glow? Is it a super-hero? Does he like to fight like a knight? Does she dream of being a princess? Are they big fans of dance, or sports? Whatever it is your child loves there’s a good chance you can hire a local performer to help make that childhood fantasy a reality. Well, for a day anyway. When you indulge the passions that are specific to your child it makes the party even more memorable, and shows how much you care about relating to them. It may seem impossible to find the act you’re looking for but places like Craigslist or Gig Masters might be a good place to start.

We all remember our best birthday parties growing up. When we look back as adults we think about exactly what made the party so special. I think it’s the realization of just how hard our parents worked to make us happy. As kids we never quite understand their efforts or how hard they try to make our dreams come true. But someday they will. It’s the little things we can do while they are young that will become the foundation of their happy childhood memories later. So if you want to throw a party your child is sure to remember forever, try any combination of these ideas for personalization. A highly personalized party is sure to make any child’s face light up brighter than a cake full of candles. And when it’s all said and done, that’s wht truly matters most.

Elise is a writer for Ebuysigns where they feature personalized banners and vinyl lettering for parties and events of all kinds. Elise has been writing and blogging regularly for many years. She loves planning and throwing parties for kids of all ages.


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