LifestyleEasy ways to make your Life Green

Easy ways to make your Life Green

Living life closer to nature is a way of nurturing love and compassion and building up on health and a cleaner lifestyle. If given a chance, we would all like to live in a free and natural environment which is essentially green and colorful. But, the toxicity has now become a way of life for us. However, we have come face to face with the hazards that environmental pollution poses to human health, and so everyone is trying to tackle this by adopting eco friendly alternatives. A lot of industries are resorting to greener practices which would be sustainable and safer for the human race in the long run. However, we must all remember that charity begins at home, and therefore we must individually try to make our lives ‘green’ in order to make it a world-wide effort to reduce environmental deterioration and save the planet. Here are ten different ways in which you can bring a change to the environment as a responsible individual.

1. Try to quit smoking and try to keep away from passive smoking, especially if you have kids. Also, try to drink within limits.

2. Modern lifestyles have essentially become sedentary leading to a lot of illnesses. Try to make an effort to exercise regularly to maintain a healthy weight, reduce stress levels, flush out toxins and also to improve your heart condition. A lot of diseases can get cured or avoided if you exercise.

3. Try to make it a point to read what goes into the food packs you buy at the supermarket. Try to use fresh ingredients, plenty of fruits and vegetables and cook at home. An organic produce is the best as it does not have harmful hormones, antibiotics and pesticides bad for our health.

4. Buy local produce and food rather than the imported varieties. This way, you would be helping your agriculturists and farmers, and would also reduce the fuel that is expended in transporting food products across countries. Fresh produce from your local farm is much fresher and healthier as it has not traveled for days to finally reach your table.

5. There is a database called the Skin Deep Database that enables you to find certain beauty products that do not contain toxic chemicals, parabens and fragrance. Try to use safe and organic cosmetics as chemicals lead to birth defects, cancer, infertility, brain damage and other serious health conditions.

6. Do not use chlorinated paper products, particularly female hygiene goods, in order to reduce exposure to harmful dioxin that is a carcinogen that is released when burning these products.

7. Use green household products for cleaning i.e. those that do not contain toxins and bleach. You can easily substitute these chemicals with readily available green alternatives like white vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice.

8. Adopt the three Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle. Do not keep shopping mindlessly; learn to give away what you do not need. Try to buy organic clothes and goods.

9. Do not buy artificial estrogens and try to find a healthy alternative for them as they lead to breast cancer in women, particularly during the menopausal stage. Talk to your doctor about exploring healthier and safer options.

10. Use safer vitamin supplements by first reading the label of content, and then do a thorough check on them to see if they are free of any contaminants. Try to eat healthy rather than taking supplements.

If you adopt these ten green lifestyle changes, then you will surely embark on the path of a healthier and happier life.

About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and heath. Beside this she loves reading. These days she is busy in writing an article on natural beauty products.
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  1. I am more of #8. I get rid of tons of clutter by adopting 3 Rs and that help me save more money too. When I cannot think of what to do with the thing that’s lying around the house, that’s when I dispose of it really quick.


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