ReviewsEarth Science: Beta Ginseng Renewal Serum Review

Earth Science: Beta Ginseng Renewal Serum Review

This review was written by Mom Fuse “Mommy Reviewer” Kimberly, from She Scribes. She recently had the chance to try out the Beta-Ginseng Cellegen Renewal Serum from Earth Science, the makers of all-natural body care products. Here’s what she had to say…

Earth Science Beta-Ginseng Cellegen Renewal Serum Review

I will be the first to admit that I don’t like to tell my real age. Why? Because I already LOOK my age for the most part (gray, silver and white hair! Ugh!) so I rather not admit to it too.

The big thing for me, aside from my ever aging hair, is wrinkles! Thankfully my wrinkles are mostly around my mouth and not my forehead or around my eyes. I guess being overweight has helped me in those areas (more fat on my face?). But so far not too much has helped to ease the deep, horrible lines around my mouth.


l_cellagen1I have been using a product for the past several weeks called Beta-Ginseng Cellagen Renewal Serum. It’s made by Earth Science.

According to the company the Beta-Ginseng Cellagen Renewal Serum “…is a sophisticated blend of nature’s rarest and most effective super moisturizers and bio-hydrators to smooth out the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines instantly. Contains Hyaluronic Acid which produces visibly fresher, smoother, firmer and more youthful-looking skin. Even stubborn lines around the eyes are softened. With Retinyl Palmitate to promote continual rejuvenation.”

I have to agree that it is very gentle on the skin. I have Eczema on my skin (face, neck, scalp) and I break out very easily with adult acne too if I’m not careful. So far, since using the product, I have not had any bad reactions to it whatsoever. That alone gives it a “two thumbs up” as far as I’m concerned. So many products tend to aggravate my skin and the Beta-Ginseng Cellagen Renewal Serum did not.

I used the product on the deep lines around my mouth. I used a little in the morning after I washed my face and before I put on a moisturizer and again at night after I washed my face and before putting on my night cream (gosh… just that alone makes me sound like my MOM! LOL).

It took a few weeks before I noticed a bit of a difference. Maybe it’s just me but the lines started to appear a little less “deep”. More so on one side then the other (I wonder why?). The texture of my skin appeared to be different too, but in a positive way. It’s almost as if it “plumped” up my skin in a way. I guess the way those shots fill in your skin (ouch!) but without the huge expense and the pain.

When I put make up on the lines are even LESS noticeable too.

I have used this for several weeks and it’s taken a few weeks to notice a difference so I am very hopeful that after a few more weeks I’ll notice even more of a positive change in my skin and the wrinkles. Best of all the serum is very affordable at only around $16 per bottle (I have seen it for $10 and change too). It’s a small bottle and it comes with a dropper so you can squeeze and drop just a few drops on to your finger tip or directly on to your skin so as not to use too much. It has a very pleasant scent too. Not over powering at all. It smells pretty, not like a medicine.

Right after you apply it to the skin your skin feels very soft too.

I’m giving Earth Science’s Beta-Ginseng Cellagen Renewal Serum a “two thumbs up”. It’s affordable and it appears to be helping my wrinkles and not aggravating my very sensitive skin.

To learn more about Earth Science and all their great products visit Earth Science products are available at many retail locations. Right now of you order from their site you get FREE SHIPPING on orders over $15.00.

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