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Can You Earn enough Money Working from Home?

With the demands of jobs changing, the idea of work spaces, fixed working hours and the traditional work culture has also undergone a sea change. The old system is gradually making way for the new one where flexible work schedules, freelancing and work from home jobs are the order of the day.

The question here is how to earn enough money from work from home jobs to make it your full time profession rather than a part time freelance option to top up your earnings.

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High Paying Freelance Job Options

There are several well paid freelance job opportunities that you can look into and a few of them are listed as follows–

  • Home-Based Customer Service Representatives: A lot of companies these days outsource inbound call center operations to part time executives who work on flexible schedules from the comfort of their own homes. Depending on the work ethics of the company and the terms and conditions of your service you may or may not get tax and/or insurance benefits.
  • Telemarketers: This too involves the same set of responsibilities as home-based customer service representatives with the only difference that while customer service representatives handle incoming calls from consumers only, telemarketers have to make outgoing calls to generate leads. The payments are at par with industry standards and there is an added commission on successful leads.
  • Online Tutor: If you love teaching, have knowledge and skills to do it, and prefer flexible working hours, then this is definitely the job for you. You could teach languages, mathematics, science – any subject that you are good at and earn quite high hourly rates.
  • Content Writing: The most popular and sure fire way of making money on the net, content writers – as the name suggests – write matter that is put up on websites and blogs ranging from product reviews, technical manuals, personalised travelogues, ghost writing books, etc. They usually get paid on a per word or per article basis and choose the quantum and duration of work as per their convenience.
  • Search Engine Related Jobs: This is big industry with millions of jobs. If I’ve to name a few, these are- SEO, SEM expert, Search Engine Evaluator, Media buyer, PR specialist etc. Out of these 5, Search Engine Evaluator one is the easiest one and you can do it from home. Average pay is around $10-15 an hour which is good to go.

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Maximizing Your Earnings

So you have found a well paying freelance job that you can do at your own pace from home. But, with most freelance jobs, the amount of money you can earn is directly proportion to the amount of time you can spend at the job and the amount of actual work you get done. So it is important that you maximize your earnings, for which you can try out the following strategies –

  • Try to Increase Your Productivity: Do more work in lesser time. Use technology to your advantage by utilizing the benefits of tools like dictation software, speech recognizer, voice recorders, etc.
  • Target Clients Who Pay Well: Many freelancers often think it is prudent to accept any job that comes their way, but this does not bode well in the long run. Your talents have a premium and your efforts are worth the honest price you are quoting. So while you can take a few projects initially that do not pay at par with industry standards in the beginning, in a while start targeting well paying clients who would not hesitate to pay you the sum you deserve.
  • Have Multiple Projects In the Pipeline: Your calendar has to be filled with projects in succession to ensure you earn well enough to sustain yourself on your work from home job. So it is crucial to have your schedule chalked out well in ahead so that you never have to go without work for any significant period of time and there is regular cash flow.
  • Become a Specialist In Your Field: With freelancing, as is with all other work areas, the more specialised your knowledge the higher a price you can quote for your talents. Hone your skills and identify your strong suites to play them up to your advantage.
  • Form a Client Base: Once you have wet your feet in the uncharted waters of freelance jobs, waste no time in building up a loyal clientele who will keep you busy with constant projects.
  •  Get Referrals from Clients: Request those who have already availed of your services to give you constructive feedback on scopes for improvement and also ask them to spread the word to help you find more takers.

The Next Step

Once you have a fair idea of how freelance jobs work and are earning enough money to put some aside in savings, you can actually think of crossing over to the other side of the line and becoming an entrepreneur. You can open your own start-up and get a team of workers.

So it is indeed possible to earn enough money working from home if you do it properly.






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