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Dress Your Baby as Well as You Dress Yourself

People have different ideas about how a baby should be dressed. Typically, three different basic attitudes are observed.

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The Dress Them Like They’re Groceries Parents.

You see this parent type fairly often. Their children are dressed in very old clothes, or even in sheets of cloth or bags/sacks. It’s one thing if there is a money issue. Baby clothes are expensive, and the little fellows tend to grow out of them really fast. But in most cases, this type can afford clothes. They choose not to use them because they view their tiny child person as somehow less than human, though they’d never say it in so many words. They seem to think that because the child is small and can’t talk in complete sentences that the child shouldn’t look fly. Nonsense. You should respect your child like you respect yourself. If you wouldn’t go out of the house wearing rags then neither should your child. Style isn’t about simply protecting your body from the elements. It’s about looking good and feeling good. That’s a lesson that can (and should) be learned young.

The Let Them Dress Like They’re Dragon Parents.

I am perhaps more sympathetic to this parenting dress style. These parents let their kids dress however they want. If they want to walk around with butterfly wings and child chaps over their diaper, they may. It’s all about being comfortable in your own skin, and learning that skill young. It’s also about learning, from scratch, a very personal sense of style. This is a better way to go than above, but it can quickly veer into the sort of socialization that raises a child less than balanced. Take care here. Let the kid do his or her thing, but make sure he or she can dress like a normal person too, as the situation dictates.

The Dress Them Like They’re Swag Swag Parents.

This is the most fun style for parents, especially parents who like clothes. If you like to look great, you should see that baby does too. And beautiful baby clothes don’t have to cost a fortune, or be less stylish than those worn by their parents. Little Mr. has a unique approach to Toddler bow ties and baby bow ties with their patent pending button on bow ties. There are plenty of other ways to make your baby the belle of and ball she happens to be strolled into. Have fun with it. If you’ve got parent friends who feel the same way you do about dressing an infant to impress, trade clothes and keep eyes out for sales on awesome duds. At the end of the day, your baby will look great, and he’ll thank you for making him look that way when he sees pictures when he’s older.

Basically, you have a lot of power when you can dress a little person. Take that responsibility seriously and make your baby look amazing. There is lots of freedom and fun to be had here. There is no right or wrong way (except that first one). Look good, friends!


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