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Easy DIY Ways On How To Clean Boots And Make Them Last Longer

Pretty much at one point, there comes a time when your leather product needs a cleaning makeover. As any DIYer would prefer, it is better to figure out how to clean these yourself.

The aesthetics and durability that leather boots are known for has prompted many companies to continue raising the bar over producing high grade leather care products. On the other hand, we are also committed to exploring easy steps on how to clean boots the most natural way possible.

DIY How to Clean Boots
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Before we dwell into an in-depth discussion over maintaining the quality of leather-made boots, here are few steps when getting to work on restoring the beauty of your leather product, says the DIY Network:

  • If your leather boots come with laces, better to take them out first and wash them with regular detergent, then hung to dry. If these are too dirty to wash manually, a quick run in the washing machine can get the job done as well.
  • With a dry, soft cloth or old toothbrush, carefully clean out loose dirt or debris gathered on the inner sides of those boots.
  • Using a small water and soap mixture, dab each boot on the outside surface using the soft cloth.
  • Remove the soap on each boot with another clean, damp cloth. Then use a towel to dry them boots. Note: Using warm water with some soap to clean the boots can also help take out any water stain marks.
  • Next, with a high quality leather conditioner, apply enough amounts of the conditioner on your boots. Make sure to leave the application for at least 15 minutes before removing any excess leather conditioning treatment with a soft piece of cloth.
  • Always remember to place leather boots to dry in open air. Placing them under direct heat from the sun could cause cracks to form on those leather boots, thus defeating the maintenance purpose.

When leather boots or any other leather-made product gets stained for whatever reason, take note that different stains call for different ways to clean them.

Let’s get to know the most common stains and how to remove them easy:


Clean these off those leather boots using non-gel toothpaste, and rub the affected areas with a soft piece of cloth.


With a cotton swab, dip the applique in rubbing alcohol or a nail polish remover. Carefully cover the stain by lightly blotting on the inked part.

Important: Do not rub it out because this would further spread the stain. Once the ink stains are gone, clean the boots further using a clean cloth and towel dry.


Right on the affected spot, sprinkle a small amount of cornstarch or even baking soda then gently rub over it using a soft, damp cloth. The application would work better when you let it sit overnight.

Starch or baking soda powder work their magic on leather boots by absorbing the oil stain. Next, wipe them clean using a soft cloth.

Other stains not mentioned above (like salt or snow stains) can also be removed by mixing equal parts of cream of tartar and lemon juice into a paste, if it’s available in your household. After applying on the stained part, let it stay for at least 30 minutes then use a damp piece of cloth to take the paste off.

How it works: The combined bleaching effect of lemon juice and cream of tartar is an effective mild cleaning agent. However, it works best on light-colored leather products.

Also, when your leather boots are dirty and wet, one way to dry it out faster before cleaning them is by stuffing the inside of the boots with paper, according to Home & Garden. The paper will absorb the excess moisture inside the boots without causing them to shrink and keep its shape.

There are numerous leather care treatments and products readily available online, which would also meet your budget needs. However, using some products we use at home can be economically affordable substitutes.

Still, if you feel that using these household items won’t do the trick, make sure to read through the product labels and reviews first. These would give you a better idea on which to use.

NOTE: Leather treatment applications made of highly certified natural ingredients are always a preferred choice. Remembering these simple and easy-to-do steps on how to clean boots would surely extend the life of your footwear and other leather goods. Taking time to learn them carefully and determining which treatment is suitable can turn into an easy habit that would preserve the quality and durability of those leather boots.

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