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5 DIY Bouquet Ideas

Artistically speaking, we all have beauty inside. We all have skills we can leverage toward the expression of that beauty. Some people paint, others make music, others write, and others use their deep facility for engineering to design functional inventions. Whatever you do, it’s a good idea to give it your all.


One way to do this is to get into the practice of creating something on a regular basis. To that end, something like a bouquet is a fine idea. You can put one together in a few minutes, stick it in a vase, and freshen up the whole house. Or, you can gather those flowers in a bunch and give them to a lady you like; whatever works best in a given situation.

In this writing, we’ll briefly explore a few bouquet ideas to help you foster your inner florist. Yes, the concept is simple: multiple flowers bound or organized together in a bunch. A painting is simple: lines or paint on a canvas. But the details of either work of art are what set these things apart. Think about the following as you go about making bouquets.

1. Get the Wrap Right

You can wrap flowers you’ve gathered with a bit of string, with an ornate ribbon, or something else. You can also stick them in a vase, and let the glass act as a wrap. Follow this link for more information on what constitutes a bouquet wrap, and how to do it right.

A really interesting idea is using stems or leaves from other flowers as your wrap. Especially if you pick a flower and it “falls apart” on you, you can use the discarded stem-like twine. Bits of grass can be used in this way as well.

2. Try to Make the Bouquet of All Different Flowers

Alternatively, rather than going with a “monochrome” theme in your bouquet, you could try to get as many different flowers as you can. Keep in mind, a bouquet doesn’t only have to have flowers. You can use little succulents, you can add in some grass blooms, and you might even put a dandelion or two in there. The goal is something pretty, with a pleasant flowery aroma.

The difficulty with this approach is finding enough different sorts of wildflowers. Daisies, tulips, roses, chrysanthemums—are any of those in your area? If you’re in the mountains, it might take you a while to find a bunch of diverse blooms. Still, the time you spend hunting will produce care in bouquet arrangement, and a more artistically interesting final result.

3. Use Wildflowers Gathered From the Hills

Speaking of wildflowers, you don’t necessarily have to use them. You can take flowers from your garden, or buy specific options from your florist. That said, if you’re near any hillsides that get regular precipitation, you might be surprised at the colors of the flowers in the hills. Wildflowers are hardy and often have extended bloom cycles.

4. Layer the Bouquet in Varying Ways

You can design a bouquet like an isometric spiral. That is to say: you look down at it from above, and there’s a central flower around which all the others are gathered. If you look at such a bouquet from the side, it would almost be “flat” on top, tapering down as the stems are gathered together beneath.

However, a lot of bouquets are designed with multiple dimensions in mind. They’re “layered” with some flowers toward the top, and others in the middle. Check this link out for a few different approaches to layered bouquet configurations.

5. Making Bouquets to Rival the Florist

Layered bouquets, gathered wildflowers, utilizing different kinds of flowers throughout the bouquet, making a bouquet with only one sort of flower, and getting the wrap right are five DIY bouquet design approaches you might want to consider. Mix and match ideas on this list, or blaze your own trail with totally unique concepts. Whatever you do, try to enjoy yourself.


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