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Disaster Preparedness: Preparing for a Potential Disaster Based on Your Location

No matter where you are on earth, it’s pretty safe to bet that there’s the potential that there’s at least a small chance that any type of emergency or disaster might happen. OK, maybe an avalanche is not in the cards down in Cuba, or a tsunami in Colorado, but you never know. Of course, you run a much greater chance of experiencing certain types of disasters based on your location than others. Places near the coast, for example, are prone to sea storms and flooding, whereas places near forests are likely to see major fires.

A Matter of Understanding

Understanding what kinds of disasters are most likely to happen in your geographical area is the key step to preparing a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan. It’s no good to go through life just floating along, unprepared for whatever life might bring to your doorstep. Today’s world can be quite dangerous, and there are going to be disasters from time to time. Virtually nobody gets through unscathed.

Of course, it’s not going to do you any good to worry about things constantly. To do so would be to take every drop of quality out of your life. Nobody wants to go around being anxious all the time, lest they are attempting to make themselves physically and mentally ill. No, that’s a disaster in and of itself. The key to keeping a cool head and enjoying your life in the face of everyday risks is to understand every risk that is out there, and to have an all-around plan to deal with anything that may come your way.

So prepare yourself for disasters according to the degree of likelihood for your geographic location. If you’re in Boulder, Colorado, make sure you understand that you have a greater chance of seeing actual boulders rolling down the side of a mountain. The Pacific Ocean suddenly crashing into your house is always surprising, but those of you in Pacific Palisades should be less surprised if this were to occur than those in Desert Springs.

Ready for the Unknown

Then there are those disasters which can strike you and your family anywhere, regardless of your location. Health problems like heart attacks and strokes are sudden and deadly, and leave an awful lot of pain and questions in their wake. Violent crime is another statistic that can occur virtually anywhere (even in Mayberry) and needs to be prepared for.

Prevention is the first step, of course. But what if there’s nothing that you can do to avoid it, and your life or legacy turn over to the hands of somebody else? What happens to all that confidential, sensitive, and personal information that you may want to pass on the hands of only those you love?

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Clangistics.com uses a cloud based system to make sure that you and your loved ones have a means to communicate important, oftentimes vital information in the event that the worst may occur. Sudden disasters are not reason enough to lose everything, thanks to Clangistic.com’s innovative approach to disaster recovery preparedness.


  1. I agree. Its vital to be prepared. While some disasters might be less likely in places, you can always prepare your kids and family for universal dangers (fires, burglars, stranger dangers in parks). My family and I have regular fire safety drills at home.


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