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Decking Out Your Son’s Room With Décor He’ll Love

When it comes to decorating the bedrooms in your home, creating the perfect luxury bedroom is usually all about the master suite. Parents are making the house payments after all!

Decoration Your Sons Room

decoration your sons roomImage Source: Pixabay

But decorating a kid’s room is so much fun. It’s also an opportunity to bond with your little one and let them express themselves in a creative way. The concept is really catching on to the point that some Home Depot locations now have kid workshops.

Many people mistakenly think decorating their bedroom isn’t something little boys are into. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Just like little girls, they start cultivating a sense of style and identity early in life. They may even be more into it than their dads. You can also take some useful tips from an interior designer on Home Remodeling & Renovation Guide.

If you’re taking on the project of decorating your son’s room here are a few ideas to help you and your little guy create a space he’ll love growing up in.

A Paint Color Your Son Loves

paint color in kids roomImage Source: Pixabay

All home décor starts with the basics. That’s right, I’m talking about paint! Load up your son and take a trip to the nearest home improvement store. Let your son pick the hue and then together work on finding a shade.

If you’ve ever let kids choose their own paint, then you already know they tend to gravitate to the brightest colors available. Unfortunately, they usually quickly grow out of the garish color. If your son is dead set on an out-there color, meet him half way and do an accent wall in the color he likes best.

Cool Sheets That Make Your Son Want to Crawl Into Bed

The bed is the focal point in the room, and you can also use it as a centerpiece for the décor. VisionBedding is a great resource for finding all kinds of sheets for little boys, including motocross themed sheets and other themes that can be hard to find. But if you don’t see what your son is into you can always create a custom design as well.

Wall Decals – Amazing Solution for Semi-Permanent Decor

As noted above, kids grow up quickly and their interests can change from year to year. Trying to keep up with their hobbies could break the décor bank. A big trend in kid’s décor that provides a solution is StickerYou.

The good news is you don’t have to drop tons of cash for expensive Fat Head products. Today, lots of companies create pre-made and custom decals that you simply stick on the wall. Whenever you’re ready to change the motif of the room you just pull them right off.

Use the Vertical Space to Hang Models

kids bedroomImage Source: Flickr

Another creative and fun way to use the vertical space that your son will love is hanging models or figurines from the ceiling. If you’re going with an aeronautical theme or your son is into outer space this idea works perfectly.

The trick it to create the illusion that the models are floating (and to put them where your head won’t bump into them). Fishing line is ideal for this décor project. It’s cheap, almost undetectable and easy to work with. For lighter models, you can tie one end of the fishing line around the base of a white thumbtack then push it into the ceiling. For heavier models, you may need to install a hook in the ceiling to tie the line to.

Make Storage a Little More Fun

One aspect of the décor that your son may not be all that into is the storage. It’s understandably not considered the most intriguing part of the décor, but it could be. A few popular storage ideas for a kid’s room include colorful bins that can be stacked or fit into nooks. Book racks are also trendy since they double as storage and can act as a display.

Under bed storage can also be dressed up by adding fun labels to the front side that can be seen. This is one of my favorite storage options because it makes use of void space and kids can reach the bins easily. Really tight on space? Then why not convert the closet into a bunk bed/wardrobe for your little guy. If you’re having trouble envisioning the possibilities, check out this cute closet conversion for under $75.

Ultimately, if your son is involved in the process and gets to make key decisions, he’s sure to love his new room as much, or more, than you do!


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