ReviewsDaReviews for DaBib!

DaReviews for DaBib!

hugs_004_largeDaBib is the newest and best innovation in baby bibs. With its patented Scrunch Neck and flexible, functional design, this “baby” is a must-have for your baby. Let’s face it, feeding your little Prince or Princess can be a royal mess. But when it comes to catching every drip, drop and dribble, regular bibs fall short – literally! DaBib’s scrunch neck minimizes leakage of liquids and solid foods onto the baby’s clothing, reducing stains and the hassle of frequent changing. With both the super absorbent micro fiber terry face and the waterproof backing, DaBib’s innovative design doesn’t just raise the neckline, it raises the bar, providing the ultimate in coverage, comfort, durability and versatility, for infants through toddlers.” –

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Da Reviews

Mama Sparkles– DaBib has got your baby covered from infant to toddler. These are stylish bibs that actually do what they’re supposed to do. I always thought bibs were somewhat pointless as they didn’t cover a very large area – my son would manage to mess his shirt up every time simply because his bib didn’t protect his whole front. DaBib has an extra large hour glass shape that guards against dirty little fingers. I also love the unique scrunch collar which keeps liquids from getting under the bib. It seems like it provides a more comfortable fit as well. Another thing I felt was pointless about bibs was the fact that crumbs would just bounce off of my son’s belly and on to the floor. I was constantly sweeping. DaBib has solved this problem too, with the food pouch. It’s actually hidden in the back and you can fold it forward for when you really need it. And if all this wasn’t enough, DaBib features a microfiber terry front which is super absorbent, and a special waterproof backing.

Moomette’s Magnificents Reviews– As you can imagine, this Baby Boomer Grandmom launders quite a few bibs in one week. I was so happy to be offered the opportunity to review DaBib.

DaBib is “… a bib that’s got your baby covered.”

I received the DaGiggles style, which has a waterproof front as well as waterproof backing. It makes feeding Slugger his dinner so easy as it wipes off easily, especially if I do decide to have him try beef. What I liked most about DaBib is that it has a hidden crumb catcher to catch any dribbles.

The Plus Size Mommy– Let me tell you about an awesome new product for babies that I recently (well my 9 month old) recently reviewed.It is called DaBib. It is a waterproof, easily wiped off, machine washable bib. It covers your baby perfectly and what I like most of all is that it is so easy to put on and take off. I also love the design, I picked the “Giggles” one. It’s stripes make me so happy when I look at them, very posh for my lil girl.

I have to hand it to the makes of DaBib – Chez Shea Baby, Inc. , I believe they must have researched baby feeding and issues with other bibs to come up with this one ! I am very impressed as a mom, and I so wish I would’ve had this for my other 3 kids when they wore bibs.

HappyMommy3 – I like that the bib has a comfy “Scrunch Neck”. It makes wearing the bib, not so uncomfortable. You can hand or machine wash the bib and hang dry or dry low. The other great feature is the crumb catcher is reversible. The bib isn’t reversible, just the crumb catcher. You can flip the “catcher” to the back for an infant who is only eating baby food and as they grow up and venture into eating by themselves, you can flip the “catcher” to the front. It is a great idea.

The Pink Chandelier– Last week I received a DaBib for my little Copper. I was looking forward to trying out this brand for its new innovative style that promised to protect my little guy’s skin and clothes from spills and leaks.

Copper’s clothing stayed dry and because of the patented pending Scrunch Collar it fit his neck perfectly. When it was time to eat I simply folded the crumb catcher out from the back and stayed open wide enough to catch any spills (and there were plenty!) I also liked how the nicely designed outside seam which is unlike most bibs that have an inside seam.

Raising Peanuts– We’ve used a lot of bibs in the 2 years since Cody was born. Some worked better than others, but this one from DaBib, I would have loved to use during those first feeding months!This bib actually has a soft, scrunchy neck so food doesn’t dribble down the chin and neck and stain the collars of all of baby’s clothes. Along with that awesome feature, it also has a flip forward crumb catcher and super cute styles. Like real style. Not crazy bright kid colors or anything.

I thought the coverage was nice, and the crumb catcher worked for those little spills, but the neck on it impressed me the most! And for only $12.99 these would make a great shower gift, or you could even add it to your own online universal wishlist!

Life Starring Ellie and Eve – When the package came it wasn’t what I was expecting…in a good way. I love the fact that the neck is made out of an absorbent fabric and it actually fits around the neck. I can’t tell you how aggravating it is for me to try and wipe pureed pears out of Eve’s neck folds. The design of DaBib actually stops me from having to do some serious neck cleaning. I also like the fact that the fabric of the bib is flexible enough to be shoved down into the highchair…generally when my kids wear a bib, the bib flares up and gets on the highchair tray and in their food, but DaBib didn’t cause that problem. Ok, so I admit it, not all bibs are pieces of junk…I actually do like DaBib.


 It’s official! If you check out any of these girl’s reviews on their own blogs, you will see that there is a clear consensus that….DaBib is DaBomb!


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