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How to Cut Sugar From Your Diet Without Cutting Out Sweets

Now that the new year has arrived, many people have made new year’s resolutions, and as always, many of those resolutions are about eating healthier and losing weight. While it is important to be healthy, this does not mean that you should be forbidden from eating all sweets. Cookie Bouquets wants you to know how you can successfully eat healthier by cutting sugar from your diet without entirely cutting out eating sweets. Let’s face it, everyone has a bit of a sweet teeth and deserves to enjoy a special treat every now and then. While dessert may instantly make you think of sugar, you may be surprised to learn that there are dozens of delicious sugar-free sweet treats.

Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding

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This is a delicious treat with no sugar added! Use coconut milk, pitted dates, and baking cocoa to make your pudding. You’ll need to put a bottle of coconut milk upside down in your fridge over night in order to get all of the coconut cream to the bottom. Then, follow the normal instructions of making pudding, but in your blender. The result will be a delicious pudding that is much healthier than pudding with sugar.

Fruity Frozen Ice Cream

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Fruit flavored ice cream is delicious and can remain delicious without loads of sugar. Make a homemade sugar free ice cream with bananas and any frozen berries of your choice. Simply freeze the banana and then plan the frozen bananas and frozen berries into a food processor. If you are going for more of a sorbet, add more frozen berries. If you would prefer a more creamy ice creamy, add more frozen banana.

Mug Chocolate Cake

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There is nothing better than chocolate cake, and luckily there is a simple recipe with no sugar added that can be made in a coffee mug in just a minute. Simply mix one egg, unsweetened cocoa powder, flaxseed, baking powder, and a dash of salt and pop the mixture in the microwave for one minute. The result will be a warm and delicious chocolate cake. Add some sugar free whipped cream on top to make it extra special.

Sugar Free Cookies

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Even if you are trying to eat healthier this year, that does not mean you should have to give up on cookies. Cookies are a sweet treat that everyone deserves to enjoy. Cookie Bouquets has many different types of sugar free and gluten free cookies for you to choose from on their website! These cookies are a great healthy alternative to regular cookies with the same delicious taste.

Now that the new year is in full swing, keep up with your resolutions and be sure to try Cookie Bouquets’ sugar free and gluten free cookie options! There are dozens of other sugar free dessert options online such as cheesecake, brownie bites, carrot cake, and many others that you should consider the next time you are craving a sweet treat!



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