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Custom Made For Kids Review

As a first time mom, especially to a little girl, I have received hundreds of personalized baby items as gifts, from bracelets to blankies, hairclips to hats and everything else that has space for lettering. I think the best, and most original so far has to be this Custom Made For Kids book – The First Adventures of Incredible You.

When you place an order from Custom Made For Kids, there is a step-by-step guide that will allow to add over twenty different customized pieces, including things such as the actual name of the street you live on, family members and friends, the park your child plays at, etc. Unlike other custom books that only add your child’s name and birthdate, being able to add all these other sections makes these books much more “personal”. You don’t feel like you are reading a book that your child’s name was just placed in, it’s more like the book was made especially for you.

I gave The First Adventures of Incredible You to my daughter for Christmas, and while she is a little too young to understand the concept, the whole family was amazed when I started reading. Especially since most of them were included in the book. For example, my step-mother is a HUGE Yankees fan, so you could imagine her delight when I read:

“You’ll love your first Yankee game and the roar of the crowd. You’ll stomp your feet, shout and clap really loud. Grandma will cheer with you and root for your team. Being noisy is fun, you’ll think it’s a scream!”

Being that you can add the specific names of places you and your family enjoy, these books make a great keepsake, preserving childhood memories that might have otherwise been forgotten. Let’s say in two years we decide to move from NY, chances are my daughter wouldn’t have many memories here since she is so young. Here is an excerpt from the book that will forever be a reminder:

“You’ll take trips to the Bronx Zoo and find many surprises – dozens of animals in all colors, shapes and sizes!”

Isn’t that neat?

You can also have a personal message added to the first page of the book, which makes it an ideal gift. The book I made has my daughter’s name and birthdate along with the message “Merry Christmas! With Love, Mommy and Daddy 2008”. This would be so cute for Valentine’s Day! For older kids, you can get them a gift certificate so they can customize the book by themselves.

You can purchase your very own Custom Made For Kids books through their site and they are also available now at – each hardcover book is $32.95.

To sweeten the deal, Custom Made for Kids has offered our readers a special discount. Just enter code mf15 to receive 15% off all orders (expires 2/28/09)

If you order your book with standard shipping, it usually takes around 8-10 days to arrive, so if you plan on buying one for a Valentine’s gift, I would suggest ordering soon.

– Nicole @ There Once Was A Girl

Posted by Nicole Ibarrondo, former editor here at Mom Fuse


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