ReviewsCorso's Cookies: Fun Treats that Make Holidays & Events Tasty

Corso’s Cookies: Fun Treats that Make Holidays & Events Tasty

mediaRecently I had the tasty opportunity to try out some of Corso’s Cookies. If you are not familiar with them, they make edible treats and baskets for all occasions. Their slogan is “Make Gift Giving Fun!”

I have to admit, when I opened the Halloween Cookie Bouquet didn’t want to eat them because the cookies themselves looked too cute to eat. I had a friend over when the package came and she couldn’t stop checking out the cookies and couldn’t stop complimenting on how well cute they were. The cookies looked just like they were advertised on the website.

After a good long few minutes of admiring the cookie designs, I decided it was time to try the cookies out to see if they were as good as they looked. At first glace you’d think the cookies were hard but they’re not. They were just right – soft enough to eat and a little stiff so that shipping didn’t crumble them to a pile of crumbs. The cookies themselves tasted great and between us and our friends’ children.. the cookies didn’t last long. I love that the cookies are larger that your average cookie and decorated so cool.  They whole package just looks great and I already know we want to send a few cookie bouquets to some family members this holiday season. (If only I could afford to hand these out at Halloween! I’d be the best house for treats in town!)

This particular cookie bouquet is called the “Monster Bash Cookie Bouquet”. This bouquet and their other Halloween bouquets will be available to order online at from 9/2 to 10/31. For more edible Halloween gifts click here.

Corso’s Cookies makes other great holiday and event treats! From Anniversary, Wedding and New Baby cookie bouquets to Get Well, Congratulations, Birthday bouquets and more.

Visit for more info.

About Corso’s Cookies:

Like so many other kids, Tina Corso loved baking cookies. She started with an Easy-Bake Oven then graduated to baking with a real oven in her grandmother’s cozy kitchen, using cherished family recipes. Creating art was another of Tina’s passions, leading her to make and sell tee shirts, decorative clay pots, and , of course, cookies.

Being a smart cookie, Tina wondered if she could blend her twin passions of baking and art into a business. She started out small in 2001, creating uniquely cool, hand-decorated cookie bouquets and cookie gift baskets. To spread the word about Corso’s Cookies, Tina posted flyers and handed out business cards around the city of Syracuse. Her first customers were attracted by how beautiful the butter creme cookies were decorated – like edible works of art. After tasting them, folks clamored for more and told their friends about Corso’s Cookies. (Tina likes to say that the word about her cookies spread by mouth, literally – one delicious cookie at a time). Soon Tina’s dream of creating a thriving business out of her passions came true, and her home-based business expanded then moved to its current bakery location.

Since then, Corso’s Cookies has quickly become the company that people turn to for custom made, hand-decorated, beautiful, delicious cookies. The Corso’s Cookies Crew consists of nearly 30 talented bakers, gift designers and decorators, working together to create unforgettable gifts for the people special to you. Today, you can find Corso’s Cookies in more than 100 catalogs and web sites, including ProFlowers, Amazon, and
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