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“Freshman in the Kitchen: From Clueless Cook to Creative Chef”

Max and Eli, the authors of “Freshman in the Kitchen: From Clueless Cook to Creative Chef“, take all the fear out of cooking for the first-time cook, even giving detailed instructions on the grocery experience and on the proper way to make perfect pasta every time. On the other hand, they promise that even if someone can cook a three-course meal, they will still learn new techniques and tips. In this tight economy, going grocery shopping and cooking at home can save tons of money and this cook book features lots of inexpensive recipes. Available at Borders, Barnes and Noble, and speciality book stores nationwide

Cooking with All Things Trader Joe’s

Love Trader Joe’s? This new independent cookbook,Cooking with All Things Trader Joe’s, features recipes that use ingredients all from Trader Joe’s. By combining Trader Joe’s unique products with fresh ingredients, Deana and Wona create clever shortcuts to quick and easy gourmet meals that are delicious and exciting. The recipes in this book treat Trader Joe’s like a “prep kitchen”–using the great selection of unique sauces, mixtures, and prepped items to make flavorful, natural, homemade food in a snap.

Many of the recipes are vegetarian or can easily be made vegetarian. Ethnic dishes like Saag Paneer Lasagna are scattered throughout, as well as classic comfort foods like Comfy Chicken Pot Pie. Crowd-pleasing recipes include Peanutty Sesame Noodles, Black Bean Soup, Macho Nacho, Seafood Paella, Curried Chicken Pitas, Wilted Spinach with Attitude, Honey I Ate the Chocolate Bread Pudding, and All Mixed Up Margaritas. With full-color photographs for every recipe, wine suggestions, humorous personal stories, and cooking tips sprinkled throughout, this collection is a must for any Trader Joe’s fan.

Enlightened Chocolate

Including both savory and sweet chocolate recipes, Enlightened Chocolate is filled with more than 200 luscious, inviting recipes that let you have your chocolate and eat it too, but with less fat, fewer calories, and maximum chocolate flavor. The first compendium cookbook ever that is exclusively devoted to light chocolate recipes using antioxidant-rich dark chocolate and cocoa powder, it is divided into five chapters: • Chocolate, Morning to Noon • Chocolate Cookies & Other Petite Treats • Let Them Eat (Chocolate) Cake • Chocolate Dessert Decadence • Savory Chocolate (including sauces, spice rubs, salsas, and other condiments)

All of the recipes in Enlightened Chocolate are straightforward and rely on easy-to-find ingredients. None of them will daunt, not even the chocolate soufflé with raspberry sauce or chocolate crème brulée.

Luscious Chocolate Smoothies
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Luscious Chocolate Smoothies is a delicious collection of recipes that combines the rich, intoxicating taste and benefits of dark chocolate, with a tantalizing balance of fruits, nuts, tofu, liquor, juices and other unique combinations to create cool, refreshing, mouth watering drinks for all ages.

The book is interspersed with chocolate anecdotes, humor and history, as well as tips for blending and information on its vivacious ingredients.



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