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Five Coffee Makers You Can Buy For Home

There are a number of coffee makers available in the market today. Avid coffee lovers need an ideal coffee maker for home to make the perfect cup of coffee several times in a day to save them from a massive expense behind coffee each month. Amongst the endless list of reliable coffee makers available, it is really essential to shortlist the main and necessary features to select the perfect machine. Few of the features include brewing the coffee quickly, being small and compact to save space, an efficient design and affordability, to name a few.

To ease down the stressful job, we have shortlisted five of the best coffee machines available today that successfully meet all the criteria listed above and many more.

Five Coffee Makers You Can Buy For Home
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1) Cuisinart DCC-3200:

This is one of the most reliable machines and durable too. It follows a new and unique technology which is the ‘State- of- The- Art’ technology which keeps your coffee hot till hours after brewing and keeps the coffee flavorful at the same time. One of the impressive features about this machine is that it is fully automatic. It turns off after a few minutes when it has stopped brewing. Being stylish in design and occupying less space, the Cuisinart DCC-3200 possesses the self cleaning function and ¼ cup setting. The set includes two types of filters, gold tone filter and charcoal water filter. The grip is absolutely comfortable with a drip free pour spout and a thermal carafe.

2) Black & Decker DCM600B:

This super affordable and probably the lowest costing appliance in the coffee world is also a great coffee maker with an impeccable taste and flavor. The compact design of the coffee maker possesses the capacity of 5 cups. The water reservoir has a large capacity with a see through transparent design for water refilling notifications. The glass carafe is reinforced and is super durable. It s unbreakable and can last for a longer period of time. The filter basket can be removed and thus the cleaning process becomes pretty easy. They can be easily cleaned up in a dishwasher. An additional and helpful feature of this machine is the coffee and water markings for assistance along with a sturdy handle for comfortable grip. There is a carafe plate added to the set which makes the coffee hot for longer periods after it has been brewed.

3) Bonavita BV1900TS:

Being rated the highest by, this machine is powerful and precise. The unique feature about the Bonavita BV1900TS is that the optimal pre-infusion mode wets the coffee grounds so that they can give a better and enhanced taste after the coffee has been brewed. The machine also huts off automatically when the coffee is brewed through a range of audible signals. The thermal carafe is made up of stainless steel and holds up to 8 cups of coffee, keeping them all hot for longer periods of time. The heating system is 150 watt and keeps the water hot thoroughly between the temperature 92 to 96° C. The filter basket is flat at the bottom that properly extracts the coffee and leaves no residue and prepares the perfect cup of coffee.

4) Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer:

This machine is popular for the speed and the least amount of time is takes for brewing coffee. It prepares a tasty cup of coffee within no time with the most impressive features packed in the appliance. The special feature of a ‘multi- serve dial’ helps you choose the type and size of receiver you want, from cups to travel mugs. Another unique feature, the Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology helps you choose the type of brew you want along with the feature, which includes classic, rich, over ice and specialty. The thermally insulated carafe helps the coffee keep hot. The Auto iQ One Touch Intelligence feature helps in fetching the exact amount of water from the reservoir which is compatible with the type of brew and flavor to prepare the perfect cup of coffee within minutes.

5) Chemex 8-Cup:

This new age technology coffee machine is the latest and most impressive invention. Made up of simple materials, wood and glass, the Chemex 8- Cup has no corrosive properties and hence can stay in a proper condition for a longer period of time. The leather tie acts as a collar which insulates the coffee while it is brewing. The coffee drips through the paper filter and leaves no bitterness. The coffee can be stored, refrigerated and reheated and the flavor remains intact even after doing so. The technology ensures that the flavor of the coffee remains fresh even after hours of brewing it. The brewer can be used for other beverages as well and the cleaning process of the entire assembly is pretty simple.

Best part is all above coffee makers don’t hurt the atmosphere, as no one uses kcup or pods, which are not good for our earth.



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