ParentingCo-Parenting During Divorce: Keeping Your Kids Healthy and Happy

Co-Parenting During Divorce: Keeping Your Kids Healthy and Happy

The kids are often the ones who suffer the most in a divorce, and as a parent you will want to ensure that your children suffer as little as possible. Here are a number of steps that you can take to ensure your kids do not suffer unnecessarily.

Agree the Details of Your Plan Together

For the sake of your children, it is important that you and your ex-partner both agree on who is going to look after the children and when you are going to spend time with them. Decide early on who is responsible for paying for food, clothes, activities, etc, and then stick to this arrangement.

By coming to an agreement early on, you can present the plan to your children so that they know what to expect, and you can all get into the new routine quickly and with as little upheaval as possible.

Reduce Conflict

There may be times when the tension can get too much. But in front of your kids, make a real effort to show that you are united in your role as parents and that you both love them. Conflict between you can cause problems for your children now and later on, so do everything that you can to reduce conflict, which may involve getting help from a professional mediation service.

Know Where You Stand

You will want to avoid conflict as much as possible because this will be picked up by the children. One way to reduce conflict is to know exactly where you stand with your finances and other details that are now going to change.

When it comes to finance divorce settlement, you may want to book a consultation with a specialist so that you know where you stand. The sooner you sort out the details of the divorce and what it means for you, the sooner you can come to an arrangement with your partner, and this can help to reduce conflict.

Explain What Is Happening

Explaining everything to the kids can be the hardest part of all. Children will react differently depending on their character and their age, and how you go about telling them is important. Put yourself in their shoes. What would you want to hear if you were them?

Tell all of your children at the same time, and let them show their emotions. Listen to them and comfort them, and keep reminding them that you are both there for them. Younger children may not be able to understand the situation, and they may have greater difficulty expressing their feelings, so keep your explanations simple.

Make Divorce Easier on Your Kids

Divorce is an upsetting time for everyone involved. But whatever happens, make an effort to be a good co-parent. You may not be able to control other aspects of the divorce, but you can control how well you handle the situation so that your children do not suffer more than they have to. This is the one thing that you have complete control over, so work closely with your ex-partner to ensure the children get through this difficult time.

Isaac Knowles is a legal secretary. A divorced dad himself he knows how difficult things can be from a personal level as well as professional. He is reaching out to a wider audience to offer tips and support by writing articles.


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