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12 Awesome Closet Organization Ideas

Many homeowners appreciate well-organized closet spaces. Research has proven that a well-arranged place breeds orderliness in all the other aspects surrounding you including your mental wellness. Many people get frustrated when they cannot trace where they kept some of their personal items like their keys or scarf.

Closet Organization Ideas

In this article, you will find tips to organize your closet, that will save you from the morning troubles of frantically searching for things. Moreover, you will get arrangement solutions, creative layouts, and optimal organization tricks.

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1.  Create Hers and His Spaces

Without this form of separation, it may undoubtedly be clear that your closet is clattered. Separating the larger closet into two spaces automatically arranges the place. When it is designated into two embroidered plaques indicating “His” and “Hers”, then the space will be easier to navigate as each of the shelves is used correctly.

2.  Install Vanity Mirrors

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Mirrors are shiny surfaces which create the illusion of some place being bigger. You will likely need to use a power drill to install the hooks in the closet walls facing you directly, but non-drill solutions exist to prevent having to put holes in walls. Additional hooks can be put up to serve as jewelry and handbag storage areas.

3.  Put Up Several Hanging Levels

The normal closet-setup has single hanging level where you place hangers. Since there are vertical spaces remaining unused, you should set up more hanging levels to use this space. Shirts should occupy the top levels while pants occupy the bottom.

4.  Use Coat Racks Creatively

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When you run out of closet space, you can save your day by using coat racks properly. With creativity, you need to set up a fashionable coat-rack display. Moreover, you may create an overhanging ledge that will store light baskets and your linens.

5.  Get the Laundry-Basket Drawer System

The laundry baskets can be versatile. It is up to you to put them to extra use, which includes converting them into some storage space. Primarily, the baskets are for storing clean and dirty clothes separately. However, you can acquire an attractive and cost-effective storage area in your laundry room by making few amends.

6.  Acquire Extra Closet Shelving

Before seeking an alternative storage space, ensure the current one is used exhaustively. You can accentuate it by getting the shelves put up in the empty spaces that are all over. Eventually, they will form the ideal storage place for your shirts and shoes.

7.  Install the Trendy Knobs

Not everyone has the adequate space for extra shelves. However, the little space that is available can be improvised by adding the fashionable knobs. For ladies, the knobs are ideal for bracelets, scarves, and necklaces; while the males may use them as hat and belt-holders. In both cases, they will be serving as a utility and fashion options.

8.  More Details

You are advised to take an inventory of the space in your closet and note any area that is not sufficiently used. While doing this, you will find new details that you may have overlooked before. You will also have options, and this can either be to get a bin or a rack in the space to store your shoes.

9.  Try Out Pegboard Mounting

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Pegs are effective for holding smaller clothes. For those who have small children, you need this option since it will accommodate a huge number of shoes and clothes in a tight space. Moreover, you can get colorful bins for holding their toys in the freed-up space.

10.  Get the Close-In Closet

To get the best storage options requires you to go the extra mile. With the close-in closet option, you will need more space, and this can appear as a luxury to some people. However, you could turn that little unused room into the closet of your dreams by installing rods, islands, and shelves for storage.

11.  Utilize Cubbies

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Adding cubbies to the shelves you have is one of the best things that can ever happen to your storage area. The cubbies are indeed priceless because they offer exclusivity for the collection of shirts, hats, pants, and all the other accessories you have. Furthermore, they will always keep the area organized. With this new sense of order, it will be easier for you to get your favorite top.

12.  Make Use of Color Codes

When you arrange your clothes by their shade and color, you make it easy to access any of them. You will love the results of this arrangement since it will be an additional feature of beauty that did not cost you a lot and while putting things away may take a bit more thought, the end result is a gift to your future self. You can find a variety of labels from local stores like Walmart or Target.


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