HolidaysChristmasDecorating for Christmas With Kids of All Ages

Decorating for Christmas With Kids of All Ages

Christmas Decorating With Kids

One of the joys of the holiday season is decorating your home. While it can certainly be easier and more efficient to decorate kid-free, having your children help will make the holiday season more meaningful for everyone. Of course, the kind of help a child can provide will depend on their age and skill level. Here are age-appropriate ideas for getting your kids involved in decorating this holiday season.

christmas decorating with kids


Most young kids can handle simple crafts, as long as the components are pre-cut and big enough for little hands. Your toddler or preschooler will love seeing their artwork as part of the holiday decorations, and they will provide you with warm feelings for years to come. Have your child add to the home decorations with one the following craft ideas from No Time for Flashcards:

  • Cotton ball candy canes. Glue cotton balls to pre-cut red candy cane construction paper to make a candy cane.
  • Button wreaths. Cut a wreath out of green foam paper and give your child an assortment of buttons to glue on the wreath.
  • Elf houses. Buy little wooden birdhouses from a craft store and let your toddler decorate them as “elf” houses. For kids who can handle it, use paint; otherwise, decorate with anything that can be glued on.

Grade Schoolers

Grade schoolers have such a wonderful enthusiasm about Christmas, and yours will love to be involved in decorations. Under your direction, they can help unpack decorations, place them around the house and dress the tree. They will also be thrilled to contribute to the tableau with some more complicated and sophisticated Christmas crafts. Check out these great ideas (and many more) from

  • Sparkly mason jars. These lanterns, made using glitter and glue brushed on the inside the jars will look beautiful with candles glowing on your mantel.
  • Wood-block snowman. Get your grade schooler to help make this snowman that is so cute it will look like you bought it at a Christmas craft fair. Take three different sized wood blocks and paint them white. Add button eyes, a felt carrot nose and your kid’s old scarf and hat to bring the snowman to life.
  • Birdseed outdoor ornaments. Dress up the trees in your yard with ornaments made of birdseed. Your grade-schooler will have fun whipping up the easy flour and seed-based batter and putting it into Christmas cookie molds.

Middle Schoolers

Pre-teens are at the perfect age to be really helpful with Christmas decorations — they’re still excited by the holiday and responsible enough to be put in charge of most tasks. Find something that captures their imagination and you’ll have a great assistant decorator on your hand.

  • Make the task of decorating the tree fun again with an upside down tree. Middle schoolers will love this new twist on the tree-trimming tradition.
  • Make your pre-teen the “assistant to the lighting director.” Let them help decide what parts of the home to light up. They’ll love helping hang the lights, and you’ll love the extra set of hands.

High Schoolers

Your high schooler might need a little more motivation to get involved in the festivities. Get their buy-in by putting them in charge of the overall decoration scheme. If you can afford it, give them a small budget and go shopping for supplies together. Have the rest of the family act as their decorating team, under your teen’s direction and vision.


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