ParentingChoosing the Right Theme For Your Nursery

Choosing the Right Theme For Your Nursery

Guest article written by Sabrina, consultant for

Planning for your baby can give you a chance to be creative, for the fact that so many things need to be chosen. From the baby stroller to the crib, the choices can be endless. Choosing how to decorate your baby’s nursery can be one of the most creative aspects of the planning process, if you allow for some thought and creativity. When thinking about choosing your child’s nursery, you can focus on colors, themes or characters to get you started in the planning process.

If you decide to base your nursery on colors, either a gender-specific color can be chosen, or you can use a color that would work regardless of whether your baby is a boy or a girl. For example, you can always use the traditional shades of blue for a boy or pink for a girl. If you do this as your theme, you can use combinations of these colors, so if you use cotton candy pink, you can add in shades of rose and fuchsia to add depth. If you find yourself shying away from the traditional, consider alternate colors, such as sage, teal and pastel yellow. These colors are becoming increasingly popular because they bring a new twist to nurseries.

A color does not have to be used by itself in the nursery. A pattern can add a twist to the nursery, making it more personalized. For example, using a gingham pattern adds color and a sense of uniqueness to any color of room. By taking the color and the pattern and using them together to decorate the nursery, you can add life and dimension to the room. Using dots, either multi-colored or one color can add some fun and a splash of unexpected color to your nursery. This can be incorporated into the walls, the drapes, and the décor to make your nursery a little different.

Choosing your theme can also be more than just colors and patterns. Your nursery colors and themes can be reflected by popular culture trends, which are usually influenced by celebrities and fashion. Many trends can be incorporated into interior design, and nursery design is no exception. For example, you can take the “shabby chic” trend to the next level and use that as your theme for your nursery, by using bright pink walls and a vintage chandelier or light fixture, with an antique wood rocking chair and changing table.

If a trendy theme is not your style, then consider something a little more classic, like a sports theme, which is one of the most popular themes for babies. Or, consider a theme that incorporates rubber duckies, with shades of baby blue and yellow. Another idea is a jungle theme, with blues and greens that make you feel as though you are walking through the rainforest. A popular classic is Disney© characters, from classic Pooh to Cinderella. Because these characters are a favorite for many children, they can also serve as a theme for your nursery.

Invitation Consultants advises many new moms-to-be on colors and themes for their birth announcements that they will then incorporate in their nurseries.

Here are a list compiled by our Invitation Consultants of our favorite nursery themes, which can be combined with great invitations:

Shabby Chic
Pink everywhere
Neutral colors (such as yellow or sage) combined with patterns (such as gingham or dots)

The theme for your nursery can come from any kind of inspiration, from a color that you love, to walking through an antique store and seeing a piece of furniture that you can’t live without. Once you find one piece of inspiration, the rest will come naturally. By thinking outside of the box, you may come up with a theme on your own that will be right for your baby’s nursery.

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