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Choosing the Right Stroller for Multiple Babies

Pregnancy is an exciting time in your life, and being pregnant with triples means three times the fun and excitement! Unfortunately, it also means three times the work and expense. Triplet strollers help you save money because you only have to buy one. You can safely tuck all three babies into one stroller, which is also much more convenient. Who can handle driving three strollers at the same time?

Strollers for more than one child are available in a variety of styles, but they basically come in two configurations – side-by-side or in line. Another style you may see is a combination with two seats side-by-side and another either behind or in front. See different styles and brands and full reviews at different sites like besttriplestrollers.com.

Side-by-Side Seats vs Seats In a Row

A side-by-side stroller allows you to show off your babies better. When someone stops to have a look at your adorable triplets, they will see all three at once. People love to compare the differences and similarities between babies of multiple births! When the babies get a bit older, they will have a nice view of their surroundings, instead of looking at the back of another baby’s head. Strapping babies into the stroller and taking them out is also much easier with this style because you are directly in front of the child.

On the downside, a stroller with three seats side-by-side is quite wide. This style is more difficult to maneuver and many doorways or walkways may be too narrow to pass through. In line strollers are much easier to handle and easier to fold up, but you don’t have a good view of the babies.

The Size of the Stroller

When shopping for a triplet stroller, consider your goals – the reason you need a stroller. Obviously it’s for carrying your babies, but where will you take them? When you go shopping, do you drive or walk? If you need to fold up your stroller to put into the back of the car, you need something lightweight that you can easily pack and unpack.

This type generally doesn’t have much storage space. If you mostly walk to the store, you could get one with a larger storage compartment. This type is heavier and may be more difficult to maneuver in some situations, but it will give you a great workout.

Jogging strollers are very easy to maneuver and provide a smooth ride over just about any type of terrain. They don’t have much storage space, so they aren’t ideal for shopping. However, they are perfect for getting back your pre-pregnancy shape.

Stroller Safety

Safety is the main concern of all parents. Whether this is your first child, your third or you are expecting three at the same time, you want a stroller that will keep your babies safe.

Strollers are designed with back brakes or brakes on all wheels. When buying a stroller that can grow with your babies, all wheel brakes are your best bet. As the babies grow, they will begin to move around more. It only takes a second – when you pay for your coffee or open the car door – and the stroller can start rolling away. Get into the habit of putting on the brakes before you take your hands off the handle.

Storage Space

Three babies means three times more diapers, bottles, toys and other items you have to have with you at all times. On top of this, there are items you buy on your shopping trips. You need a stroller that can safely handle this extra luggage.

A storage compartment at the back of the stroller is fine for smaller items, just be careful not to overload this area because it can make the stroller more difficult to handle and increase the risk of tipping backwards. Consider a stroller with a good sized storage basket underneath the seats, instead.

Choosing the right stroller for your needs can be tough. Hopefully these tips will help when shopping for a stroller for your triplets. And remember, a multiple baby stroller is not just for triplets. If you already have a toddler and are expecting twins, or have twins and are expecting a single child, a triplet stroller is the perfect choice for taking your babies shopping, for a walk to the park or just for showing them off around town!


  1. Thanks for sharing these tips Jessica! Storage space is definitely a non so obvious factor, but a big factor when comparing strollers for multiple babies.



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