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Top 6 Things to Consider While Choosing the Best Tandem Strollers

As a mother of twins, it was very difficult for me to carry both of my babies around outdoors, especially when my husband was not there to help me. It was not possible for me to take two strollers on my own. I once tried putting both my babies in one stroller and took them to shopping, but that didn’t end up well. I swear I heard my babies scolding me. I just dropped everything and rushed home. Shopping wasn’t worth my little sugar lumps’ discomfort. I talked to a friend and she referred this shop that sold the best tandem strollers. I asked my husband to take me there the next day which he agreed to, surprisingly. Buying a tandem stroller wasn’t that simple. There were so many options to choose from, but the lovely sales girl helped us selecting the best stroller. My life has become so much easier since then.

If you have more than one baby, I suggest you buying one of these. Consider the top 6 things while choosing the best tandem strollers:

Choosing the Best Tandem Strollers

1) How Big are Your Babies?

This is the first thing you need to consider. Some tandem strollers are designed to carry a newborn, while others are for big babies. So, make sure you know the weight limits of the stroller you are going to buy. In addition, consider the leg room and head room. Your babies are going to grow bigger and bigger, so you would want to buy a tandem stroller that has enough room for their growth.

2) How Smoothly does the Stroller Move?

The best tandem strollers are the ones that have smooth maneuverability. When I went to shop for the tandem strollers, I moved and turned every piece I liked to make sure everything works effortlessly. My friend had especially advised me to go for the sturdy wheels. You should also check the suspension system and the turning radius of the stroller.

3) Is the Stroller Spacious?

Look for a stroller with enough room for important baby stuff. Where would you put two milk bottles, diapers, baby napkins and other baby essentials? Consider a tandem stroller with compartments. You wouldn’t want to carry a big baby bag on your shoulder while pushing the stroller, do you?

4) Are the Seats Comfortable and Changeable?

Nothing could ever be more important than your little cutie pies’ comfort. I selected the tandem stroller with the most comfortable seats. Go for the stroller with additional shade to avoid sunbeams. Moreover, check if the seats are adjustable. Who knows when one of your munchkins feels like lying down?

5) Is it Portable?

What if you need to drive to some place and you realize that the stroller you bought doesn’t fold up? How do you plan to put it in your car’s trunk? A stroller that can be folded up is a day saver in times like these. Additionally, it is imperative to check if it can be folded up by just one person. Let’s admit it girls, husbands are not always around to help.

6) Do I Need an All-terrain Tandem Stroller?

I don’t often come across uneven streets or sidewalks, but what if I suddenly do? I didn’t want my darlings to have a rough ride, not even for a second. So, I bought a jogging stroller. No, I’m not a person who works out. This was purely for my babies’ ease.
If you work out to lose some baby weight, a jogging stroller would be best for you and your babies. They would not feel a thing even on a bumpy terrain. The air-filled tires and suspension ensure a smooth ride.

Buying a tandem stroller is not as straightforward as it may sound. I’ve been through that. But once you buy the best piece, life would seem easier. Not just for you, for your babies too. Just take your time and consider the things I mentioned above to get the best tandem strollers.


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