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5 Common Problems From A Chipped Tooth

As much as you’ve always cared for your oral cavity, having a chipped tooth can be unprecedented.

Falls, slips, bruxism, and so on are physical impacts that may lead to it. That said, a chipped tooth is not to be overlooked.

It isn’t to panic over either. Discomforts are probable to occur at the fractured site. They can develop from minor to complicated ones with time. Hence, you should attend to injuries quickly with the help of a professional.

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There are some likely problems associated with a chipped tooth. We’ll discuss some here in this article.

Problems At The Site Of A Chipped Tooth

If you don’t repair your broken tooth, you may notice or feel the following symptoms.

1. Tooth Sensitivity and Pain

Tooth Sensitivity

In most cases, a fragmented tooth is painless unless the break exposes a nerve ending. Also, when you eat, it is sensitive to the coldness or hotness of your food.

Once you find yourself abstaining from these types of meals due to tinglings, it’s time to see a doctor.

2. Infections

When a large chunk of your tooth is chopped off, that may open the way for vulnerabilities. Applicable also to the root, a deep chip predisposes to bacteria actions.

Antibiotics and some kinds of toothpaste may help to some extent in keeping these microorganisms off.

3. Abrasions

The enamel is one of the toughest body elements. However, hard hits are capable of cracking pieces of it. A one-time chip can lead to continual wear.

It’s also not limited to that particular tooth. Soft tissues in the mouth like the inner cheeks, gums, and tongue are prone. If continued, abrasions may lead to sores and severe pain.

4. Tooth Decay

Fragmented tooth permits the collection of pieces of chewed food. These may be very hard to brush off due to their inaccessible locations.

Bacteria, the usual culprit, then acts on them. If not addressed quickly, decay can spread widely, costing you other teeth.

5. Halitosis

Bad breath is a consequence of tooth decay. To eradicate mouth odor, it’s crucial to fix the causal dental rot.

Ways To Care For The Damaged Tooth

Depending on the extent or type of break, there are appropriate treatments. These will help remedy your fractured tooth.

Dental Crown

If it’s a huge piece, the dentist may file off the remaining part and replace it with a dental cap. Usually, the crown can be shaped like a tooth for a better outlook.

Dental Filling

Filling a broken tooth can be a viable option in other cases for the chipped segment of the tooth enamel.

Dental Bonding

For obvious tooth types like incisors, your dentist may use a composite resin to reshape the tooth. The material is cemented and made to dry using UV lights.


Dental veneers are cosmetics used to improve the health and look of a broken tooth. They are porcelain materials that cover the front part of the front teeth.


We recommend periodic examinations with dentists for quick discovery of your chipped tooth.

They’re your best shot at getting optimal treatment. Overall, it’s important to maintain constant dental care to prevent fractures.


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