ParentingHow to Help Children Transition into a New School

How to Help Children Transition into a New School

It can be hard for a children transition to go to a new school. It doesn’t matter whether they are just leaving a reputable Croydon early learning centre to start school for the first time or if they are transferring because you’ve moved them from one area of the country to another.

The point is everything will be new and different, this is scary and children may feel like the odd one out.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to help them transition successfully.

Organize A Visit

The first step in the process is to contact the school and arrange a day when your child can visit.

It’s best if this is when the other children are already at school although this isn’t always possible.

A visit means your child already has an idea regarding the layout and the facilities on site.

It takes away part of the fear as they know what to expect and where they need to go.

That will make the first day much easier, allowing them to focus on connecting with people.
You’ll find most schools are very receptive to visits.

In fact, if your child is going from an early learning centre to their first school, the centre will often organize a group visit for them.

Talk To Them

Having introduced them to the school they will be attending, it’s time to talk to them.
It doesn’t matter how old or young your child is.

The key is to talk to them as a grownup. This will give them the opportunity to share their fears and concerns regarding the new school.

It’s essential that you don’t judge them and listen to all their concerns.

They may seem irrelevant or petty to you but they matter to your child. More importantly, it matters to them that you are prepared to listen.

The best approach is to listen and then ask if they have any ideas regarding solutions.

You’ll be able to work something out together that helps them to feel more relaxed about their first day.

Arrange Play Dates

This may only be appropriate for younger children. You’ll need to contact the school and find out who is starting at the same time as your child. Remember, they can’t give you other parents’ details but they can pass yours along.

It’s also worth checking with family and friends which school their children are going to. You will then be able to organize a play date.

This helps your child get to know others that will be at the school, making the first day much easier.

Stick To Your Routines

Whatever your current school routines are you need to stick with them as your child moves schools.

This will help to give them consistency which is comforting and will help them deal with the first day at the new school, and each day after that.

Just remember to keep the lines of communication open, allowing your children to tell you about any issues without being judged.


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