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Child-friendly entertainment for your reception

You’ve got the entertainment covered for your adult guests (plenty of alcohol and a disco should do it) but you need to also consider your little guests, who will probably get stroppy and sleepy by 9pm.

So take a break from browsing that beautiful selection of wedding rings online (okay, you can keep the tab open) or pondering whether lilies are too morbid for your bouquet, and take a look at these great ideas for child friendly entertainment that you can add to your wedding reception to avoid the whining and tantrums:

Organise a kids’ only room

Set aside a space just for the kids that they can go in and out of. Set up a projector and beanbags and play kids’ movies non-stop all evening or fill the room with toys that they can play with. It keeps them entertained and out of the way so the grown ups don’t have to worry about them.

Hire a magician

As corny as this type of entertainment sounds, a good magician will also entertain your adult guests while they wait for the food to arrive at the wedding breakfast or in the evening when sitting down in the venue.

Dish out disposable cameras

Assign little ones the job of documenting the wedding reception. Sure you might get some strange shots of people’s nostrils and close ups of Grandad sleeping in the corner but it will keep them entertained and feeling important for a good portion of the evening.

Create a mini photo booth

Adults love photo booths at weddings and so do kids. Bring out the child friendly props and ask your photographer to snap pictures of the little ones when they run around wearing those giant sunglasses or have a mustache slapped onto their face. It will make for some great pictures and keep them entertained.

Enlist the help of a face painter

Just as the festivities start, bring out the face painter and you’ll watch as the kids quickly line up to have their faces painted, so they can become Spider-Man, a tiger or a unicorn/dragon/pirate hybrid. Kids love having their face painted and it should put them in a good mood for the rest of the evening (which is great if they didn’t enjoy being made to sit still for the ceremony and wedding breakfast).

Set up a craft table

This should keep the kids entertained for hours and give them something to play with and take home on the day. You could either pick up lots of coloring books and crayons for them to entertain themselves with or be brave and pick up pots of pom poms, ribbon, card and glue so they can create collages and pictures.

Perhaps draw outlines of you and your partner in wedding garb and ask them to decorate the clothes or enlist the help of a crafty aunt who can show them how to make bouquets from tissue paper and pipe cleaners.

No matter how many kids there might be at your wedding, there are numerous ways of keeping them all entertained and happy, so their parents can really focus on celebrating your special day with you!



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