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Cheek Biting: Common Causes and Effective Cures for Your Sore Mouth

Biting the insides of your cheeks is incredibly common but can often lead to soreness, irritation and even bleeding if it becomes a persistent problem. Understanding what could be causing it will help to provide the most effective solution to prevent your cheeks from becoming any sorer.

From stress to careless chewing, there’s a wide range of reasons why people bite their cheeks and there are a number of techniques to prevent this from happening. Here are just some of the most common causes for cheek biting along with some handy prevention tips:

Causes for Biting the Inside of Your Cheek

In a lot of cases, biting the inside of one’s cheek occurs when we’re not concentrating or are distracted while we are eating food. For example, if you’re chewing your food then you turn to talk to someone, you could catch the inside of your cheek while doing so. If you find you’re doing this frequently and the inside of your cheeks are getting sore, try to concentrate on chewing your food, removing any distractions while you’re doing so.

Subconsciously many of us may also chew the inside of our cheeks when we’re angry or stressed, or even when we’re bored. This can even occur while we’re asleep, which is why it’s important to overcome this habit as quickly as possible to prevent further injury to the inside of the cheek.

Misaligned teeth can also cause chronic cheek biting because the teeth don’t close together properly. The brain often tries to fill this gap, which is when the cheek biting can start, as well as biting of the tongue and lips. While this may only cause an accidental nip every once in a while it can also lead to harmful, chronic cheek biting, and if that’s case, the advice of a dentist should be sought immediately using helpful websites such as EmergencyDentistsUSA.

Ways of Preventing Cheek Biting

Biting the inside of your cheek can be incredibly painful, which is why you’ll want to stop this happening as soon as you can. There are a number of easy ways to stop yourself from doing this, with one of the easiest methods being through relaxation techniques. As the biting can be caused by too much stress, concentrating on relaxing through meditation, yoga or simple deep breathing steps, can help to stop this habit in its tracks.

If it’s occurring during the night or subconsciously, a mouth guard may be the best option as this will prevent you from doing it. Equally, if it is due to teeth misalignment, bite correction may be needed and there are number of surgical and non-surgical solutions available for this.

Should you find that you have a wound to the inside of your cheek due to excessive biting, wash your mouth out with clean water followed by an antibacterial mouthwash or salt water solution. Apply pressure to the wound if it is bleeding and then a cold compress to provide relief from the pain. If the pain persists, seek the advice of your dentist.


Lynn Becker works in the medical field and enjoys writing on health based topics. In her spare time she enjoys crafting with, or for, her kids.
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