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What Are the Main Causes of Wrinkles?

Contrary to what you may know, wrinkles aren’t only applicable to growing old. But concerning that, the skin ages like we do. And that’s because it loses its vital elements with time. Otherwise, it becomes worrisome when wrinkles occurꟷ, like in one’s 20s, 30s, or 40s.

Wrinkling is the manifestation of lost elastic fibers and collagen. The visible evidence is saggy, coarse, and scaly skin. Alongside are a few patches, creases, dark spots, folds, etc.
Some daily habits impact our skin significantly. Unfortunately, many are unaware of this. Are you curious to know why your skin wrinkles? Read on to get informed about the causing factors. That way, you can do things differently.

1. Exposure to UV Rays

Exposure to UV Rays

Sunlight is the primary source of UV rays and, at that, the excuse for most people. Activities like sporting (especially outdoor), tanning via tanning beds, and sunbathing raise skin wrinkling chances. Jobs that also require outside services aren’t excluded.

UV light deteriorates the skin’s connective tissues. Elastin and collagen are the most affected. On the downside, these are crucial markers for the skin’s characteristic stretchy and flexible nature.

The remedy to this is wearing full covering clothing for outings. Even though some rays may still strike some parts of the skin, it helps to stall wrinkling.

2. Diet


The skin’s demand for blood validates the importance of meals with anti-inflammatory properties. Examples are salmon, pomegranates, olive oil, and so on.

Healthy eating generally contributes to the luster of the skin. But, its nutrient requirement varies. Feeding on vitamin-rich food is vital to maintaining healthy skin. Contrastingly, excess fat tends to affect its tone and texture. Liposuction is the term used to extract these fats. Cosmetic doctor Brisbane is one of the experts in this field.

3. Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking and Alcohol

This all-time duo is a common causes of wrinkles. Smoking alone speeds up one’s aging process. Since cigarette gases contaminate the blood, that prevents the skin from receiving enough nutrients during circulation.

Alcohol similarly causes skin dehydration. When this happens, the skin becomes wrinkled with different facial lines.

4. Poor Skin Hygiene

Poor Skin Hygiene

The skin needs daily care. That’s because it reacts to a lot of environmental elements. Producing several secretions and epidermal wear are significant adaptive measures. A nice skincare routine will keep the skin in its fresh state.

5. Sleeping Postures

Sleeping Postures

We spend a considerable amount of time sleeping daily. When we adapt to specific crease-causing positions, wrinkles will likely develop. The external pressure exerted on the skin during these periods distorts its texture and shape.

Are you guilty of a steady sleep posture? According to a study, sleeping on the back is helpful compared to the side or stomach. Another solution is to train your body to change positions constantly.

6. Adapted Facial Movements

Essentially, this has to do with contracting muscles of the face. If you’re used to some facial expressions (like smiling, frowning, raising an eyebrow, etc.), over time, those could cause folds on any portion of the face. The forehead is noteworthy to this effect.

This is why Botox® is so popular for wrinkles; it prevents the movement of facial expressions, which then prevents fine lines from appearing.


Since you now know what causes of wrinkles, it’d be best to prevent them. It all starts with being conscious of your environment, skin regimen, diet, etc. Considering we can’t stop aging (at least not yet), we can help delay the process.


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