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Steering Clear of Common Car Accident Causes

Car Accident Causes

Traffic accidents are an unfortunate fact of life, but that is not to say that it is impossible to significantly reduce the odds of being involved in one. Andy Ellis, a leading Los Angeles personal attorney provides information about the common factors contributing to car accidents. Ellis says, “it becomes easier to develop better techniques to avoid them and the injuries they are known to produce.” The following ideas can go a long way toward making the roadways a safer place for all.


Steering Clear of Parked Cars

Even the simple act of parking a vehicle can be hazardous without a healthy dose of situational awareness. Simply staying vigilant about the size of your vehicle, nearby cars and light posts, and the need to use mirrors and on-board camera systems to park with precision can help keep your car out of the repair shop and your insurance policy free from claims. Make all possible efforts to leave sufficient space between your vehicle and any neighboring ones in order to prevent other drivers and their passengers from giving your car a side swipe or a dinged door.

Watch for Wildlife

When driving in more rural environments, or even in certain suburban locales, it is important to remain on the lookout for unsuspecting animals encroaching on the roads. Colliding with animals such as deer can result in serious injury and vehicle damage. Anytime you see warning signs indicative of animals in the area, make certain to utilize your car’s high beam lighting feature. Obey all relevant speed limits as well, so that you will have sufficient time to take evasive action, should the need arise.

Maintain a Healthy Distance

One of the most frequently preventable, yet commonly occurring roadway incidents is that of the rear-end collision. Though there are times when this type of crash is the unavoidable result of icy conditions or some other force of nature, it is all too often the case that such events are caused by driver distraction or inattention. Limit your engagement in activities such as cell phone use, fiddling with the stereo system, eating or drinking or any other endeavor which serves to take your focus away from the task at hand.

Halt the Hydroplane

The hazards of hydroplaning are very real, and steps should be taken to avoid crashes resulting from wet road conditions. When the roadways become saturated and puddling occurs, it is essential that drivers reduce their speed, thus helping the tire tread make contact with the surface of the pavement. Drivers must be conscious of the fact that slamming on the brakes in wet conditions can exacerbate the hydroplaning effect, causing them to lose control. Instead, it is wise to apply gradual, yet steady pressure to the brakes to bring the car to the desired stop.

Prevention Makes all the Difference

Statistics from the California Highway Patrol have shown that approximately 250,000 individuals sustain some type of bodily harm in car accidents on an annual basis, resulting in an unacceptable degree of pain, suffering and monetary losses. Fortunately, by heeding the advice listed above, drivers can lessen their chances of involvement in these types of events.


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