LifestyleCan't Get Your Kids to Sleep? @TheKidsDoctor is Here to Help!

Can’t Get Your Kids to Sleep? @TheKidsDoctor is Here to Help!

For those of you that are joining us on Monday for our first ever Twitter Party, we have some exciting news for you! Since the theme of our party is “Sleep” and it seems to be a popular topic amongst moms, we have enrolled the help of an expert.

Post your sleep-related questions here on this post between today and Monday and Dr. Sue Hubbard(@TheKidsDoctor), the “best pediatrician” in Dallas, will be answering them. The top 10 most frequently asked questions will be addressed by the doctor and her answers will be posted on Twitter as well as on this post once the party has ended.

Meet Dr.Sue (and her crew!)

drDr. Sue Hubbard is a board certified pediatrician and a member of the communications committee for the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Sue has been in the practice for 20 years and has been voted “Best Pediatrician” by D Magazine in Dallas/Ft.Worth for over the last 7 years. Dr. Sue enjoys seeing children of all ages, but has had a special interest in adolescent medicine and continues to see her patients from cradle through college. Learn more about Dr.Sue at The Kid’s Doctor site, which includes a plethora of information for parents and how to keep your kids in tip-top shape.

Dr. Sue and her co-host Dina Conte Schulz host a weekly radio show called The Kids Doctor Radio. Their show airs every Sunday between 7:30am-8:30am central time on 103.7 Lite FM CBS Radio Dallas. You can listen in online at –  Tune in or log on for weekly tips on topics such as, Throw Away the Pacifier, Mom Pregnancy Secrets and Poison Control in Your Home. Guests are welcome to call in (214-787-1037) or submit your questions on The Kid’s Doctor site. Be sure to also check out The Kid’s Doctor TV for videos and tutorials on topics such as breast feeding, allergies and more.

Have a sleep-related question for Dr. Sue? Can’t get your children into a bedtime routine? Want to learn more about co-sleeping? Post your questions below and we’ll do our best to get them answered during our #SesameSleep Twitter party. Have a question for Dr.Sue that isn’t pertaining to sleep, feel free to email her  – you might be featured on the next Kid’s Doctor Radio show or podcast!

Don’t forget! Our #SesameSleep Twitter party is Monday, 6/29 from 8-9pm EST. Join us to discuss all things “sleep”, win some cool prizes and meet & mingle with the best…moms! Find out more

Questions submitted to @NicoleMomFuse via Twitter –

@joelledolcebebe asked – so hard 2 get little one 2sleep on a nice schedule w/ older siblings.How do u change bad habits for all of them & get sleep?

@StealsDeals asked – How do I get my two girls to sleep instead of bicker in their bunk beds all night?

@BunniesNBuggies asked – How to set a consistant bedtime when your own schedule isn’t consistant enough? Esp. working moms/parents.

@JustAuntrene asked – Naptime, when is a good age to quit naps?

@RockinMama asked – How do I get my son to nap in the crib? He sleeps there at night but during the day it is a STRUGGLE and I end up giving in and putting him in the bed.

@NicoleMomFuse asked – What is the best way to transition my 2-year old from her crib, which she is totally attached to, to a toddler or twin size bed?

@Mel4Him asked – Single Mommy here w/a 7 year old who still wakes up in the middle of the night looking for me. How can I stop this behavior?



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