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Can Day Care Benefit Your Child’s Social Skills?

There are varying opinions out there when it comes to modern day care centres, but no one can really deny the fact that time at nursery helps children develop social skills much earlier. They learn basic social skills like co-existing with others, making new friends, taking part in group activities, etc. even before joining primary school. To understand in more detail what your child will likely learn at day care, go through the following points.

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Waiting Your Turn

As adults, we forget that waiting in line for our turn to come is not something that came to us naturally. Without training, children will not learn this concept of “waiting for their turn” and that can lead to a troublesome situation in pre-school and school. Good nurseries teach this little social skill with active practices such as waiting for the child’s one-on-one time with the caregiver.


Children are seldom keen on sharing by nature, until taught otherwise and at nurseries, they are given lessons to incorporate the concept of sharing at an early age. This is also quite useful later at school for making good friends.

Making Friends

The very act of approaching someone for friendship is a core skill that develops in all of us over time and those that can master it will eventually find it to be very useful. As those skills are nurtured at the earliest of ages in day care, it becomes quite easy for the child to make friends later in school.

Being Part of a Group

Separation anxiety, coupled with being in a room full of strangers can be very scary for your child. Nurseries once again are effective solutions in these situations as children learn to be a part of the group from an early age. By the time they get to primary school, they are already comfortable with the concept of being a part of something bigger than themselves.

Communication Skills

Young children have trouble communicating what they feel exactly and will resort to either joyful excitement or crying fits at just about everything. Trained caregivers at quality nurseries help children develop basic communication skills so that they are able to express their feelings to adults in a more comprehensible manner.

Lessons designed with the purpose of inspiring feelings of compassion and compromise in children are usually integrated into nursery programmes. It’s an important step to learn such concepts from a young age because that helps them to become a better person later in life.

Authority Figure Establishment

Even when a child learns that he/she should respect and listen to his/her parents, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be able to tolerate authority from other adults as well. Problem with authority figures is something that is common is school these days, but any child who has spent time with caregivers from an early age will likely not develop such problems in the future.


Perhaps this is one of the main reasons as to why parents opt for day nurseries in the first place; they want their children to get a taste of what’s to come. Living the safe haven of home and joining school is no easy feat for a child during their early years, but if they have already adjusted to the concept of following schedules and routines, the transition would be much easier for them and their parents.

It is important to remember that these facts are only true if the day care centre in question is a good one and as a parent you should make sure that it is. Visit this day nursery website for starters to get an idea of what to expect when you go in with your child for a visit. Once you have made sure that you like the facility and the staff at the place, only then should you place your child in it. Even after choosing a place, don’t forget to drop in unannounced to check on your child and see how he/she is being treated there. There is no need to be paranoid, but it always pays to be careful and vigilant when it comes to your children.


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