Style & BeautyBuying Clothes for Kids: A Guide for All Parents

Buying Clothes for Kids: A Guide for All Parents

All parents have been there… you go shopping to try and find some new clothes for your kids, get them something that looks great, fits them perfectly, is well-priced and likely to last them for years because they’re of a particularly high quality. Then, before you know it, they’ve grown and the almost brand-new items don’t fit them. What a nightmare.

It’s also a real pain when you’re trying to buy a gift for a friend or family member’s child – how are you supposed to know what size to get them and how much you should be spending, especially when you know that they’re going to be growing on an almost daily basis. Kids hey, who’d have them?

Shopping for ourselves is a challenge, as we all know too well. What might fit you in one size from a particular designer or retailer might be way off when you visit another store or try on an item made my somebody else; so buying for children is nearly impossible. The key word in that sentence is ‘nearly’, because fortunately there are a number of things you can do in an attempt to take away the stresses and strains of buying for other people’s children and, of course, your own:

Read Online Sizing Guides. If you’re buying the clothes on the Internet, many websites will provide customers with size guides to help them to establish the ideal size to buy for the child. These usually cover factors such as age, height and weight and can be invaluable for working out whether to buy something that is listed as ‘7 to 8 years’ or ‘8 to 9 years’.

Buy Slightly Too Big. When you do reach a decision on whether you’re going to buy the item or not, and in what size, it’s often best to work with a theory of ‘they will grow, so buy a little too big and they’ll grow into it.’ The common mistake many people make is to buy an eight-year old a t-shirt marked as ‘8 years’, and it can be the case that the child is big for their age or going through a growth spurt and the item never actually fits. By buying a size above, you run the risk of the item looking too big on them for a while, but knowing that they will eventually grow into it.

Search for Great Deals. You can find some great items on websites like which enable parents to buy, sell and swap their kids’ clothes with other parents. This is a really good way of not only saving some money by buying perfectly good second-hand garments, but clearing out the drawers and making a bit of money back in the process from clothes that would otherwise just get thrown out or given to a friend for nothing when they have a child of their own.

Try It On. No, I don’t mean you personally! If you’re buying the item for your own child or children, get them to try it on in the store before you commit to buying it. By doing this you can judge for yourself whether it fits them, and how long it’s likely to last for. It sounds an obvious thing to do, but a huge number of parents purchase clothes without getting kids to try them on purely to save time and get them home before they start complaining! If the clothes are for someone else’s children, if yours are of a similar age or size, you could still use them to try them on and estimate the likelihood of them being a good fit. If all else fails, just make sure you keep the receipt!


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