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Using Social Media to Build Brands

Because social media is designed to be social, marketers often underrate its value. Social media is a tool that can significantly help companies reach their business goals, but that tends to come as the natural result of using social media to interact with and engage followers.

Experienced public relations professionals suggest that companies harness social media by using it proactively to engage others. Here are just a few ways social media engagement can help build your brand.

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Build Brand Awareness

Social media is uninhibited by distance and boundaries. By sharing engaging material via social media, companies can reach consumers half a world away as easily as their next-door neighbors. When social media’s engagement features are used effectively, those most interested in what you have to offer will find your brand via hashtags, photo tags and shares.

Starting conversations and interacting with consumers is the way brands get noticed and gain loyalty. Another way brands get noticed effectively is through public relations (PR).

PR firms take a company’s vision and turn it into reality as their goals are to generate as much profit as possible and the payoff is worth the cost. No matter what line of business you’re in the PR firm can be the catalyst that gets your brand in front of the right people.)

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Generate New Business Leads

Being active on social media will help get your company noticed, but nothing will come of it unless your presence is strengthened with engaging communications. Companies with an active, engaging social media presence are soon seen as authorities in their fields.

People will not only be aware of your brand, but will know you have answers and will soon refer others to you for inquiries about your industry. Branded social media accounts should inspire conversations and participation among followers; keeping followers engaged with your company is how you turn them into business leads.

Examples of this includes:

  • Gold’s Gym used its Facebook page to generate sales by treating it like a website, complete with call-to-action buttons near the “timeline” and “about” tabs. Gold’s went beyond branding, getting social media users to sign up for their local gym directly from Facebook.
  • Turbo Tax hosted an Instagram photo contest to promote its service. For a chance to win $5000, participants were asked to post pictures depicting “zeros” to promote the company’s “$0 federal + $0 state = $0 to file” campaign. The contest brought in not just photos of donuts and wreaths, but new business.

Build Reputation

Conversations about your brand, both good and bad, contribute to your reputation. Consumers often post praise and complaints on social media. See this as an opportunity to acknowledge praise and respond constructively to complaints.

Try to create dialogue with consumers; if done right, they will not only be loyal but will become advocates who build, maintain and, when necessary, even help repair your brand’s reputation. Nothing speaks louder about a brand than happy customers. By making them feel they have a personal relationship with your brand, they can be your most effective tool in addressing “issues” and turning negative posts into positive messaging.

The key to social media is engaging with consumers by interacting and posting content. Consumers tend to unfollow brands when their accounts are too heavy with direct promotion, when they do not respond to others’ posts, and when messaging seems inauthentic. Engaging consumers and making social media a reliable two-way communication channel is the best way to build your brand.

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Harnessing the power social media is one of the most critical areas in order to grow your business brand. Building brand awareness not only not only generates new business leads it builds trust and reputation with your clients. Having the right tools to build your brand can be tricky at times, but with the right people and services, the sky’s the limit on where your brand can go.





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