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Bodybuilding Supplements – Use in Teenagers and What Parents Think

There is a rising concern in the number of teenagers who are using fitness enhancement supplements. Parents feel obligated to take charge since these kids are still under their care. When things go south and these supplements affect the teenagers negatively, the parents bear the burden of treating and taking care of their kids.

Schools, on the other hand, are doing everything they can to control the use of bodybuilding supplements on school sports teams, which is where some of this habit starts. Together with the school management, parents feel that bodybuilding supplements are not good for young people who are not yet responsible enough.

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Teenagers Are Not Ready for Supplements

If you visit responsible bodybuilding selling sites like this web link, you will notice that they do not sell fitness enhancement steroids and supplements to young people below adult age. They only deal with adults who are responsible enough to use them responsibly.

Parents feel the same way, too. Their children are not yet ready to handle their use under any circumstances. Teenagers in sports and bodybuilding should focus on gym fitness and their diet. If supplements have to be used, they should be prescribed by doctors for the purpose of adding nutrients like vitamins and minerals into the body.

Social Media Influence

Celebrities, movie stars, and popular bodybuilders now have social media platforms to showcase their bodybuilding success. Their followers want to know what they take and what they do to become such a success. Among their followers are young people who are easily influenced by following these stars.

With their little experience in life, they follow them blindly without consulting fitness experts. Some save every dime of their pocket money to buy bodybuilding supplements behind their parents’ backs and proceed to use them incorrectly. We can call this an abuse of bodybuilding supplements.

This is a challenge for parents who are left with the burden of correcting their kids’ messes. If there is anything they should do to prevent this, then the time is now.

Peer Pressure

Parents also think that teenagers are using bodybuilding supplements because of peer pressure. As they chat inside of school gym centers, they introduce each other to steroid usage. Schools have had to deal with entire teams that tested positive for illegal fitness enhancement substances.

Such incidents worries parents and they think that tighter measures should be taken by schools and sports authorities to curb this vice. Otherwise, more and more kids will continue to suffer under the effects of bodybuilding supplements.

What Parents Should Do

Parents have the responsibility of keeping a close eye on their kids, especially when they reach their teenage years. They should closely observe them for behavior changes, muscle mass increases, diet, and exercise behavior changes, among other signs. They should also be concerned about how they spend their money since all of these things can tell them if they are buying any bodybuilding supplements.

Most importantly, parents should tell their kids about the dangers of using fitness enhancement gear, especially at a young age. If possible, they should give examples of people who abused them in their early years and the consequences they had to deal with. This way, parents will have solved the bigger part of the problem.


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