ParentingThe Best and Worst Parenting Advice Ever Given

The Best and Worst Parenting Advice Ever Given

As parents, we have all been subjected to unsolicited advice from others about how we should raise our children. Whether this advice came from family and friends, or complete strangers in the shopping centers, we often take it with a grain of salt and give some of the more logical advice a try. And, if you are like me, you probably have heard some parenting tips from people who don’t even have children. This is usually the advice that we avoid whether it sounds like a good idea or not. I have heard of rocking the baby from side to side really fast to soothe them and even was told that upside down burping would help with an upset stomach. The latter advice only served to leave me with a lapful of vomit and a very unhappy baby.

As much as we would like to know everything there is to know about raising our children from infant to adulthood, no one ever really knows best except the child and the parent themselves. To help simplify this for new parents and those experienced parents who need help but don’t want to ask, I have created two lists, one with good parenting advice and the other with bad parenting advice. Now, all of this advice I have been personally given as I am sure that many of you reading this have as well. It ranges from “Why didn’t I think of that?!” to “What was I thinking?!” and includes everything in between. Read on for some helpful tips and advice and maybe a laugh or two.

Good Parenting Advice

Never Wake a Sleeping Baby

Seriously, don’t wake up a sleeping baby. Why would you do that anyway?

Never Interrupt a Child Who Is Playing

Playtime is work time for your child and interrupting their work is as distracting as that coworker who interrupts your day to talk about their last vacation or bad blind date.

Internet Usage

If you don’t know where your children are in the house, turn off the internet and watch them magically appear.

Nap time

If you want your young children to take better naps, purchase the best white noise machine you can find. The soothing sounds will put them right to sleep.

Bad Parenting Advice

Let Your Baby Cry themselves to Sleep

This piece of advice has been told to new parents since well, forever. If a baby cries, it usually means that they are hungry, need changed or are in pain. Infants don’t understand cause and effect so letting them cry and cry will not help them sleep. They will just keep crying.

Rub Whiskey On a Teething Baby’s Gums

This sounds like it would work since most toothache gels are mostly a blend of alcohol and some sort of numbing medicine. This is bad advice because the alcohol that you rub on the baby’s gums doesn’t stay there and act as a pain reliever, it runs down their throat, into their stomach and then enters their bloodstream. Can you say alcohol poisoning?

Don’t Punish Your Child

I don’t advocate any kind of punishment which becomes physical, but not punishing your child for being naughty is not anybody’s idea of good parenting. Teaching your child good behavior while they are young is important of you want them to become respectful, polite adolescents and teens.

Have More Children So They Can Take Care of the Others

Having two kids so you can keep your lazy but in the car & say, “Go get your brother” when picking one up at a friends house is probably not the best way to parent. Neither is sitting on Facebook while you are supposed to be taking care of them.

Don’t Bribe Your Children

Bribing your child doesn’t teach them anything good and although it does sound like good advice, it isn’t. But if you do have to bribe them, make sure you google the price of the bribe before agreeing to buy it.

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