ShoppingHow to Choose the Best Winter Boots for Women

How to Choose the Best Winter Boots for Women

Best Winter Boots

As the winter arrives, so is the passion for winter shopping among women arises. Winter means being ready for Warm clothes, shawls, capes, jackets, caps and winter boots. Snow under feet compels you to get the best winter boots and keep your feet warm and comfy. There are a lot of designs and styles for winter boots for women but remember never decide solely on the looks.

If you have decided to buy a pair of winter boots, that’s great! But there are other important factors that you must keep in mind while choosing the best pair:

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Let’s find out what are they?

1.  Look for Warmth:

This is the basic and main feature of winter boots. Try to measure the warmth, if such tool is not available, check the material and internal lining of the boot. Lining varies according to the type of boots. For example, lining of hiking boots should be thick and must be able to dry quickly. If you are living in extremely cold areas, try to find boot with insulation varying between 400 to 800 grams. Never forget to check if the insole and sole is also insulated as cold passes through sole too.

2.  Breathability Is a Must:

It is very important that winter boot must not create foot odor and bacteria due to moist, and hence, must have antibacterial properties. If you perspire a lot then you have to be cautious while selecting! It depends upon material of the boots. Pure leather boots are although waterproof but not much breathable; whereas, the split leather and GoreTex boots are more breathable.

3.  Meet the Comfort Level:

Warm but uncomfortable winter boots are of no use other than wastage of money. Since they have to be worn in tough weather conditions they must be comfortable. The insoles, laces, and the material must be appropriate and according to size. If you intend to take long walks or running during winters, look for pronation in your selection.

4.  Must Be Waterproof:

Since, you have to experience snow or rain, make sure they are waterproof. The gusseted tongue is fit properly on the sides to prevent water seep in apart from it, check the cuff at the top of the boot, also called collar. It prevents snow to enter inside the boot. Don’t forget the gaiters to tighten the cuff.

5.  The Smooth Traction:

The study base or lugs on the outsole determine the smooth movement of the boot. There is a base and heel. Heel is the protection against slips on uneven surface. For this purpose, rubber idused to make the outsole and heel. When selecting, check the outsole as well as heel properly, its material and the lugs as it ensures the grip on the ground. Some boots offer interchangeable outsole to increase the life of winter boots, go for it if it is available.

6.  Check The Weight:

If your winter boots are quite heavy, they are of no use. The padding and insulating material make the winter boots heavy. But, now there are so many techniques used to keep the material light weight yet equally effective.

7.  Ankle Support:

No matter how lightweight you choose, winter boots are supposed to be heavier than any other shoe in your collection. Your boots must support the ankles. Since, there are low quality boots in market that have high cuffs but may not support the ankle. Choose the sleek ankle support boots- it will look classy. Check the padded sides, structure and g proper lace to the cuff to support the ankle.

8.  The Style & Trend:

To stay on top of the style, choose trendy ones like knee high heeled, ankle boots, and wedge ankle boots. There are plenty of options every year. Choose the one which has above mentioned features your comfort, protection and spending comes first.

There are so many market players that offer ankle support winter boots. You must choose the right one to make your spending worth it.




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