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5 Best Wedding Dress Styles to Fit the Shape of Your Body

Wedding Dress Styles

Shopping for the right bridal dress can be challenging. It can be even more overwhelming if you’re trying to hide certain flaws and imperfections. Because you want to feel like a million bucks on one of the most important days of your life, the following 5 best wedding dress styles that are sure to fit the shape of your body.


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Wedding dresses come in a variety of shapes, styles and fabrics. With today’s more laid back attitude, you’ll also find different shades beyond your basic white. If you’re looking for a dream dress to wear on your special day, your body type should inspire. The mermaid dress is best defined by a tapered and slim skirt. The bottom of the gown attaches itself to your every curve and flares out just below the caps of your knees. If your figure is more hour-glass in shape, the mermaid style works best for showing off your figure. But if you’re looking for something less constricting, you may want to pass on this form fitting formal wear.

Formal Ball Gown

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There are a number of considerations when you’re planning for your nuptials. Deciding on the type of wedding, the date and venue are typically the first details you want to decide on. Since the cake is a unique focal point that represents who you are as a couple, wedding cake toppers should reflect the history of how you met. It should also coordinate with the theme of your wedding and mesh with your floral arrangement. The grooms attire and bridal dress are also equally important decisions. A formal gown is the ideal choice for the bride whose figure is on the boyish side. The full skirt and cinched waist can also make thinner frames more curvaceous. But if you’re on the petite side, this type of gown is not for you as the voluminous formal wear can swallow you up like you’ve become lost in a vat of whipped cream.

Column or Sheath

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There are a number of dos and don’ts when you’re shopping for a wedding dress. Although you may want to choose a dress that’s trendy, the style may not work on your body frame. You should also allow sufficient time to try on different styles and have a friend or family member be there to add their two cents. If you’re looking for a bridal dress that fits with the natural line of the body without flaring, you may find the column or sheath dress a wise selection. Because it’s slimming and adds length, it’s the ideal style for women who are petite. If you’re pear-shaped, and your bottom is shapely, the sheath dress can throw off your look and make your figure appear out of balance.


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The fit and comfort of the dress is equally important as look and style. Since you’ll be moving from the ceremony to reception, a wedding gown should move freely without leaving you feeling awkward and uncomfortable the entire day and night. The trumpet dress works best for the bride who is on the curvy side. With an A-lined skirt and slight flare below the knee, you’ll find it an ideal selection for brides who want to dance the night away. If your body is apple shaped or you don’t feel comfortable showing off your curves, you may want to steer clear of the trumpet style.

Drop Waist

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Accessories such as a corset, bra and other body shaping garments can hide the slightest imperfections. But if you don’t want to go through the day in discomfort or constricted by the accessories, you want to do your research and choose the best gown to flatter your body shape. Since most brides want the attention to be on their face, you may want to choose a more modest gown. The drop waist styled gown is designed to show off a trim waist and hips.

Dropping past the waist, it then flares down to the floor. If your shape is on the boxy side, this style may not be for you, as it can make you appear less curvy and more boyish when worn. Petite women may also want to pass on the style because it can make them look out of proportion.

The number of beautiful wedding dresses on the market can be overwhelming. Having a host of options to choose from can make the prospect of finding something perfect even more difficult. But after you’ve determined your current measurements and body build, the above styling tips will help you ascertain what style is bested suited to your shape.

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