LifestyleThe Best Kids Birthday Party Ideas!

The Best Kids Birthday Party Ideas!

The best kids birthday party ideas!

So many ideas… not enough parties to squeeze them all in but regardless of the theme you choose, you are sure to find some great accessories to decorate the party venue, making it an amazing party that the children won’t forget for a long time…

Under the Sea

Who doesn’t love the sea and all the great fish and creatures that live there? You can have mermaids and pirates, or just take the love of fish to a new level. You can also use great characters such as Nemo or The Little Mermaid


Everyone dreams of being a superhero and this is a great theme for a dressing up party, where people can come dressed either as their favorite superhero or dress as their own. Eating food that give your power and strength, you can also have a great game where every guest has to create their own super power, from being able to see in the dark to breathing underwater.


So many little girls hanker after the pink fairy-tale dresses and the sparkles; if this describes your little girl then create the perfect castle, with a dainty buffet fit for a princess and her royalty friends. Include the boys as knights in shining armor and handsome soldiers and you have a great party on your hands

Summer time parties

Summer is a great time for parties, from outside play to jumping in and out a paddling pool. Why not ring the changes with a Hawaiian or tropical theme. An excuse to bask in the warmth of the sun and have a party outside, set up the food and drinks at a ‘bar’, festooned with summer shades and palm trees.

Characters from their favorite book

From Harry Potter to the Gruffalo there is loads of scope to make the theme of the party something different, yet popular. The Hungry Caterpillar for smaller children is great too but just in case some of guests don’t know the story, why not read it to them or play the story! There are some gifted and talented children’s entertainers too, that can read the story with great voices. Games and activities can be based around the stories too.

Characters for younger ones

Let’s not forget the first party outings that younger children have; encouraging children to socialise is an important function of parties and having a theme is one way of encouraging them to participate. Having a character, either from a film or TV programs, is instantly recognizable and comforting in the bewildering world of parties.

Why not opt for Winnie the Pooh or the ever-popular Fireman Sam? You can also give a much needed nod to the classic, such as Dumbo too. Parties can be an educational tool as well – don’t forget numbers and alphabets are important too and, when combined with bright colors and fun characters, children can be learning all the time.

Of course, party themes do not have to be linked with characters but you can pick up on the likes that children have at certain ages. Farm animals, dinosaurs and cartoon characters are also popular themes. Again, you can base some of your games or activities around your theme.

Older children

However, times change as do the likes and dislikes of children as they grow up but you will not be left wanting when it comes to themes. What about Star Wars? Set for a comeback with the making of a new film, you will be right on trend with this theme.

For some children, sport is a great theme from using their favourite football team, to including a nod to their favorite past time or hobby. But there are hundreds more ideas out there on the web

Not so sure on a theme… what about a color?

For some, the thought of decorating their party venue with a theme may seem ‘too much’ or not appropriate for all the guests that are coming but, there is no doubt having a common thread running through the decorations is a great way of adding class and fun to proceedings.

For the birthday boy or girl who may be at ‘that age’ where character themes are not quite right, but too young for the more ‘grown up’ stuff, hit on their favorite color and you won’t go far wrong. But keep your designers eye about you! Two complimentary colors, and a third color, used sparingly to contrast with the main two colors will really create a spectacular, colorful display fit for any age!

Themed parties are not just about dressing up, they are about making a party exciting fun and interesting – what theme will you choose?


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