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How to Choose the Best Building Toys for Kids and How Do They Help?

When it comes to playtime, you have to choose the best building toys for your kids. Because the thing about building toys is that your little muffin can use them in different ways. Toddlers simply love to take things apart and then put them back together. On top of that, they can add more building blocks to create something wonderful.

Tips to Choose Best Building Toys for Kids

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It’s important to choose such open-ended toys for children. And that’s the best part about plastic interlocking and wooden blocks. They can be used for creating a zoo, bridge, road, or spaceship. Your child’s imagination can run wild here. And with that, his or her logical thinking and problem-solving skills also receive a boost.

So there’s no need to think twice before buying the best building blocks. Such as Magformers, Magna Tiles, and Picasso.

How to Choose the Best Building Toys for Kids

Needless to say, the options for buying building blocks are not limited anymore. There are all kinds of different designs and construction. But this only makes the task of buying even more confusing and difficult. So how do you go about choosing the best building toys?

The first priority is quality. If you want your kid to be safe while also having the best time. Then you have to make sure the building blocks are beneficial in every aspect. This means safe to play with. Entertaining to keep your child occupied. And educational to boost mental growth.

After this comes variety. With so many building blocks available on the market, how do you get rid of confusion? It’s simple; ditch the limited variety. Make sure the building blocks package includes different designs to enable more than a single game play.

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The Benefits of Playing with Building Toys

It’s quite a popular opinion that building blocks are very beneficial for kids. The toys are simple and basic for children. The rules of the game are also very straightforward. It’s as simple as letting your child play and enjoy his/her time.

But not a lot of parents realize the importance of building blocks. The toys are not just an opportunity for your toddler to stack some few cubes together. The experience is much more than that. The development of mental capacities is the hidden benefit of building blocks. So parents have every reason to buy them for their children.

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Benefit #1 – Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation for kids is very important when it comes to playtime. The colors of the toys alone seem to have a huge positive impact on the brain. On top of that, these are stackable blocks. Meaning they already require a certain amount of thinking.

Once your kid understands how to stack the pieces over one another. And this is something that doesn’t take much time or effort. Once that happens, creativity and logical reasoning are tapped into right away. They achieve the ability to give their thoughts and ideas physical shape and form.

Building blocks also enhance problem-solving abilities. For creating a particular shape, your toddler has to find different ways to go around it. And doing this means practicing spatial skills. In simple words, your little one has to work out different shapes of the building blocks in the head. And then decide which blocks to use for creating the masterpiece.

Benefit #2 – Motor Skills

It’s no secret anymore that motor skills also receive a boost with the help of building toys. Building blocks require the use of hands for creating any structure, right? This means your child transforms his/her colorful imagination into reality. And, along the process, muscles are used, refined, and strengthened.

For smaller-sized building blocks, the finer motor skills are targeted as well. Hand-to-eye coordination is not only brought into the picture. But also honed. And this happens each time your toddler plays with building blocks.

Benefit #3 – Mathematical Skills

It goes without saying that math skills are also developed as a result of construction play. Building toys are designed with numbers. If not, then you should buy ones that have numbers on them. This makes it possible for your child to learn the concept of counting.

Likewise, building blocks are constructed in different shapes and even lengths. And that opens the door to geometry and size.

Benefit #4 – Social Skills

How does a toddler develop social skills by playing with building blocks? Building sets are often shared with fellow toddlers. Meaning your kid will enjoy more if he/she has a friend or sibling to play with. Building blocks encourage kids to get together and have a good time.

During playtime, interaction takes place. And that’s how children learn to share as well as work with each other. Speaking of interaction, language skills also develop along the way. As your little one communicates with other kids in his/her own manner.

Other Fun Types of Educational Toys

Toys That Grow with Your Kid

How about getting toys for your little one that are a part of his/her various development stages?

For instance, toys like action figures, dump trucks, trains, stuffed animals, etc.

Toys That Foster Problem-Solving and Exploration

Games that are not only fun but that also fuel the development of problem-solving skills and logical thinking are a great idea for kids.

For instance, shape-sorters, puzzles, crayons and coloring books, nesting cups, etc.

Toys That Spark Imagination

Creativity is a part of the brain that needs to be tapped into from early on. And the best news here is that children already have a vast and wonderful imagination. They love to play pretend games.

So you should look for toys that your kid can use to develop and act out an imaginary or creative story. This, no doubt, boosts literacy and language skills, problem-solving abilities, and the capacity to place different events in proper order.

For instance, action figures, stuffed animals, dolls, toy food, plastic plates, trucks and trains, etc.


The best building toys are nothing but a great option for boosting the confidence level of your child in many ways. The task of constructing something allows your toddler to practice creativity. So use positive reinforcements for encouraging your little one to make the most of this activity.

Building toys enhance motor skills, mathematical skills, mental stimulation, and social skills. And, most importantly, the entertainment value of such blocks is off the charts. Your kid is not only going to get smarter and sharper. But also have a wonderful time!


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