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The Benefits of Maintaining Heating & Cooling Equipment

There are few more important things to the comfort of our homes than the systems we use to maintain a comfortable temperature year-round. yet these hidden pieces of equipment are often out of sight and out of mind until they fail.

Heating & Cooling Equipment

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When we build a home, one of the major components of the construction cost is the purchase and installation of the heating & cooling equipment. We typically want the best quality and lowest operating cost, yet we often fail to maintain it after construction.

Maintaining the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system in your home is an investment in your family’s comfort, finances, and even health. Taking the steps necessary to keep it in top working condition can pay off quickly.

Servicing your HVAC means more than just changing filters or getting air conditioning repair when something stops working. Service involves having trained personnel thoroughly clean the system and duct work and check its performance. After completion, the service will benefit you in several ways.

Decreased Energy Consumption

Dust is the main enemy of your HVAC system. It blows air into the Dust , where it picks up all sorts of dirt and other contaminants, then sucks this mixture back into the return vent to circulate through again. The dust accumulates on all the air-handling surfaces and filters, congesting the system and forcing it to work harder in order to maintain enough air flow to keep a satisfactory temperature.

This strain on the system not only shortens its useful life, it also requires a lot more electricity. After cleaning, the system will be more efficient and will save you a considerable amount of money on your electric bill. Instead of being your biggest energy burden, your HVAC can actually contribute to your overall energy-saving strategy.

Better Health

Dust isn’t just a drag on your power bill. It’s also a powerful influence on your family’s health. We typically think of getting sick as something that happens when we get exposed to germs carried by some other sick person, but in reality many common illnesses are triggered by environmental factors. The same is true of more chronic ailments like asthma.

Dust isn’t just little bits of upholstery or harmless particles of soil. It includes a wide array of allergens like pollen, pet dander, and mold, some of which originate inside the home but many of which were brought in from outdoors on our clothing, pets, or anything else that has been outside. Once those particles dislodge, they become airborne, finding their way into the HVAC system. Some of them, such as molds, even reproduce inside the home.

A thorough cleaning of your system will eliminate the buildup of these problematic substances and cut down on coughing, sneezing, and sore throats in your family.

Longer Service

As we noted earlier, dirt can really bog down your HVAC system and drive your power bill up. But even that’s not the end of it. A dirty system that demands more of the heat pump, fan motors, and other powered parts will end up wearing those parts out sooner, leading not just to costly repairs but to also inconvenient breakdowns that invariably seem to hit during the hottest and coldest weather of the year.

In addition, an inspection can find parts that are about to fail and allow you to replace them while they’re still functional. If your technician finds a problem in your system while it’s still under warranty, you may have saved yourself a lot of money by getting it fixed before that coverage runs out.

A heating and cooling system is a complex network of electrical parts, duct work, and electronics. There are lots of places in that network where something can go wrong, and it’s impossible to see some of them coming before they hit. That is, if you don’t have a cleaning and inspection done. With proper service, you’ll save money and help your family’s health.






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