LifestyleBedtime With Elmo Twitter Party #SesameSleep - 6/29 - Giveaways!

Bedtime With Elmo Twitter Party #SesameSleep – 6/29 – Giveaways!

Come celebrate the upcoming release of Bedtime With Elmo, from  Genius Products and  Sesame Workshop, with us on Twitter this Monday, 6/29. We’ll be giving away a total of 10 copies of the  Bedtime With Elmo DVD and a  Graco Suite Solutions Pack n’ Play to one lucky Grand Prize winner!  Check out the details below.

Update: Post your sleep-related questions HERE and @thekidsdoctor will be answering them throughout the party!

elmoBedtime With Elmo – Available 7.7.09 – It’s bedtime on Sesame Street! Just like all little kids, Elmo and Abby would rather make funny faces and sing silly songs than go to sleep. Luckily, Elmo’s dad Louis knows just how to deal with extra glasses of water and little monsters who are afraid of the dark. Parents will love the practical strategies Louis uses to get Elmo and Abby to go to bed, and children will love snuggling under the covers with this timeless DVD. Featuring the special extra of Andrea Bocelli singing “Time To Say Goodnight” to Elmo.

After all the 4th of July festivities, children across America will be feeling the same way as Elmo in Bedtime With Elmo and Sesame Workshop is here to help!  Check out these great tips from Sesame Workshop, the non-profit educational organization behind Sesame Street.

Bedtime Tips For Parents – Bedtime can be a wonderful time to bond with your child and help them feel safe and secure. Here are some fun and simple ways to make bedtime enjoyable and to help your child get a restful night’s sleep!

Establish a Consistent and Positive Bedtime Routine

Help your child transition to bed by having predictable activities that take place at the same time each night, such as going to the bathroom, brushing teeth, getting into pajamas and reading stories. Children can be comforted by routine and benefit if their bedtime schedule is followed as regularly as possible.

Quiet Playtime

Help your child wind down from the day by getting him into pajamas earlier than usual and engaging in relaxing activities like reading, playing a quiet game, doing a puzzle, or drawing together. Give him extra long cuddles before putting him to bed!

Sharing Special Moments

Talk to your child about her day before going to sleep. Ask her to choose a favorite part of the day and discuss why it was special. Encourage her to think of something that she is looking forward to doing tomorrow as she falls asleep.

Bedtime Stories

Help your child choose a favorite book at bedtime. After reading the story, ask him what he thinks his favorite character might do to get ready for bed. Talk about ways his bedtime routines might be similar or different. Remind him that everyone needs a good night’s sleep to feel rested and energized in the morning!

Glimmer of Light

Help your child feel safe when sleeping in the dark by placing a small night light in his room or hallway. You can also let him keep a small flashlight under his pillow to help him feel safe. Talk to him about how he is feeling and let him know that while it is okay to be scared, reassure him that there is nothing to be afraid of in the dark and you are always close by if he needs you.Sweet Dreams

Provide your child with a quiet, cozy and comfortable bedroom for her to sleep in. Your child should look forward to sleeping in her room and feel safe and secure. Allow her to have her favorite blanket or stuffed animal nearby for comfort when going to bed. You can also set up a CD player to play soft calming music or lullabies as she falls asleep.

Those tips are great, but don’t sleep on this Twitter Party! Here are the details and how you can win!

Four ways to win!

1. RSVP to our Twitter party over at  Mom of 2 Boys, Wife of 1. Lisa has set up a  Mr.Linky for this event with more details about the party as well. (1 DVD winner will be chosen on Lisa’s blog)

2. Follow us on Twitter:

Once you’ve followed all three Twitter accounts, leave a comment below to confirm. (1 DVD winner will be chosen here on Mom Fuse)

3. Tweet this message anytime between today and Monday 6/29:

Can’t get your kids to sleep?Join Mom Fuse on 6/29 8-9pm EST for sleeping tips & Giveaways from Sesame Workshop #SesameSleep

4. Last but not least, be sure to join us live on 6/29 from 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm EST for the #SesameSleep & Bedtime with Elmo Twitter Party! We’ll be giving away copies of Bedtime With Elmo and our grand prize from Graco randomly to party goers! Make sure you are following all the Twitter accounts mentioned above, join in on Tweetgrid using the #SesameSleep hashtag, share your best sleeping tips, learn some new tips from other moms, and share photos of your sleeping angels.

We will be choosing one DVD winner from the comments that are left here – one DVD winner from the RSVP’s on Mom of 2 Boys, Wife of 1 – eight random DVD winners throughout the hour of the twitter party along with the grand prize winner which will be announced at the end of the party. In order to be entered for the grand prize, you must actively tweet with us between now and Monday 6/29 during the party.

For more tips and family-friendly fun, be sure to visit & follow them on Twitter – @Sesame_Workshop


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