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Bedroom Decorating Ideas: The Five Main Areas

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

The bedroom is an important part of your home. It is where your rest, relax and store all of your treasured items. It is the most personal room in a house, in which you express your true personality and likes. You want it to reflect you and be the place you can feel most secure and comfortable. In order to achieve this, you will have to work at it, adding and changing things as time goes by so that it always matches with that you want and need. If you are just considering the idea or are actively sprucing up your bedroom, read this five bedroom decorating ideas.


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The wallpaper will be an important choice as it will determine the colour of the room. Unless the room is going to be full of items and furniture, then the wallpaper will be the primary surface and set the tone. You can go for white, cream or beige for a simple and relaxed look, but using a darker colour such as purple, crimson or maroon will create a warmer atmosphere. You can choose your favourite colour and pattern for the most personalised approach and then select the appropriate tone.


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What was said about the wallpaper can also apply to the carpet, but you also need to consider material. Wooden floors can make things look cleaner and clear, while shag carpeting can add warmth and texture, making it a more comfortable place. You can go for a matching colour with the walls, though a slightly darker or lighter shade can provide a bit of contrast. There are many types available, so you can easily find the carpet right for you.


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Your bed is obviously an important item in a bedroom so you should consider this carefully. It is where you will spend at least a third of your life and so you want to feel happy and safe. You could try large beds for more space, or smaller one to make space for more things. Determining where to place is significant, as it could be the centre and you can arrange the room around it, or you could place it more to the side to maximise space. Wooden beds are an option, as are metal beds from bedstar. It’s important the choose the type that matches the rest of the room, with metal looking more modern and wood being more homely.


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Bedrooms are where you store clothes, keepsakes, important files, personal items and more, so it’s important to have the right storage. Wardrobes and cabinets can provide this, with so many types being available, it’s best to look thoroughly to find what’s right for you and matches your bedroom vision. Lots of drawers and cupboards will help you store all your things neatly, so this could be priority. You can also consider desks, tables, TV/computer cabinets and more, depending on how you use your bedroom.

Ornaments and Items

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Making a room truly yours will come from the small touches. Once everything else is in place you can start adding all of your miscellaneous items. This can include ornaments, photos, paintings, trophies, books, posters, pillows, additional lights, and more. Think about where to display them so they are neat, safe and can be best viewed by you or anyone who enters your bedroom.


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