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Simple Ways you Could Become a Better Driver

We all have skills we’d like to improve on. Whether that’s being better at cooking, working under pressure, or just being a better parent. But when you decide to work on your driving skills, you’re actively improving your chances of avoiding a car accident. And therefore, keeping yourself and your loved ones safe.

You were probably taught good driving habits when you first learned to drive but sadly over time we fall into bad habits, become impatient and believe everyone else is the problem. As a responsible driver, it’s up to you to determine where there is room for improvement and take the steps needed to be a better driver. Doing so could reduce the likelihood of you being involved in a traffic collision.

Better Driver

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In the meantime, read on to discover some simple ways you could become a better driver.

Enroll in a Defensive Driving Course

Just because you passed your driving test doesn’t mean you can’t enroll in further training. Defensive driving courses can help drivers like you anticipate hazards and dangerous situations on the roads, often before they occur. These courses refresh your driving theory and your practical skills as well as giving you the confidence to drive in new and unfamiliar locations. Successfully completing a defensive driving course can also reduce your insurance premiums, so it really is a win, win!

Remember to Keep your Hands on the Wheel

Are you still holding your steering wheel at “ten and two” on the invincible clock? Believe it or not, things have changed, and these days new drivers are taught to hold the steering wheel much lower down, preferably at positions “eight and four”. Why? Because it’s much more comfortable and you’re less likely to let go of the wheel due to discomfort, you’re in better control of the vehicle and in the event of a crash, if your airbag goes off, you’re less likely to break or severely fracture your hands.

Don’t Give in to Road Rage

Someone cuts you off and your immediate reaction is probably a hand gesture and a sharp blast from your horn. It’s frustrating when other drivers don’t have the consideration that you have. However, be wary of engaging in road rage or aggressive driving practices, as it’s only you that will come off worse. Try your best to remain calm when you’re behind the wheel, if you’re feeling incredibly frustrated, pull over for a moment. You’re less likely to make a mistake if you’re relaxed and calm.

And Finally, Don’t be Overconfident

You may have done the school run thousands of times, and it’s only a few blocks away. But that doesn’t mean you should be complacent. The majority of car accidents happen just a few miles away from home – why? Because drivers become overly confident when they’re in familiar driving territory. Which means they’re not checking their mirrors or anticipating other road hazards. Always be on the lookout and stay focused when you’re driving! Also here are some cars which you can select for your family.


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