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Beauty Tips Using Baking Soda

Most of you have known the goodness of a pinch of baking soda inside as well as outside the kitchen as well for long. This lone ubiquitous product is frugal, completely natural and when added with water turns into the wonder cleaner in and around your house. Nevertheless, there is still a little more to it than just working your way through a sparkling house. The humble soda has also found its way right into your beauty stand whether you believe it or not. It is actually the most inexpensive beauty secret preserved and heralded across centuries.

Hair care

The side effects of all the dandruff fighting cream or shampoo you have been using until today are unimaginably harsh and unfair on your hair. The humble baking soda on the other hand can leave you with a better and healthier mane. Take a tablespoon of soda add it two tablespoons of vinegar and apply it all over the head. Leave for five minutes and then wash off with a mild shampoo. You can also add a pinch of soda with your normal regular shampoo to clean off build-ups from hair products like mousse, old hairspray, setting gel, hair color, oil, etc. Those of you who frequent swimming pools also can use the soda-water combo to remove chlorine traces from your hair after the dips.

Skin care

One of the ancient tips to glowing skin is taking a warm bath in baking soda induced water. It is also very good to remove make-up traces and as a face exfoliate. Mix a pinch of soda with facial cleanser and you get a gentle exfoliate that removes all debris of dry skin, old make-up remains, thus giving you a softer and gentler skin after wash. You can also add 1 tablespoon of the soda to a cup of water as a pre-shave wash for men with sensitive skin. You can also mix a teaspoon of soda with oatmeal and water for the most effective and gentle body scrub.

Mouth care

Other than cleaning your toothbrush, baking soda is also a better alternative to your toothpaste minus the chemical compounds. It whitens and polishes teeth, removes foul mouth odor. You can also add it to water and use as a gargle in between meals for fresher breath and cure sore tooth.

Feet care

Soaking your feet in water dissolved with baking soda helps reduce stress, polishes the skin and acts as a disinfectant. A perfect footbath for soaking your feet comprises of soaking feet for half an hour in warm water induced with baking soda. For a perfect home pedicure scrub take three parts of soda to one part water and scrub your feet to see what wonders it works on the feet as well as other rough skin patches of elbow and elsewhere.

Hand care

The baking soda is an excellent prelude to a perfect manicure. For this, you have to soak your hands in water induced with baking soda for few minutes or so. This will soften the hard skin around, calluses, cuticles of fingernails. Now take a soft brush and brush off the dirt under the nails, around cuticles and fingers. Next make a paste of three parts soda and one part water to use as a scrub the hands and fingers gently. Wash off with clean water, apply fresh nail-polish and marvel at the cheapest manicure you can ever get yet ending up with the most glamorous hands to admire.


From your experience of using baking soda to eliminate fridge odors you know that it has this magical ability to waive away odors in general. Hence, its use as a deodorant is not too astonishing. You can add two-three tablespoons of baking soda in a bowl and then add your favorite essential oil to it, like rose, jasmine, lavender, etc. Now apply this with any powder brush or cotton puff onto your underarms to keep odor away all day long without exposing your skin to the harshness of chemical deodorant sprays. You can also use baking soda mixed with little water to remove eye puffiness (keep it on only for half hour to the maximum for best results), relieve pain after bee sting or other insect bite, and spot treatment for acne. A distressed stomach situation , which is the root cause for most skin issues, drinking a cup of water top which 1/2 a teaspoon of this wonder powder is added, straightaway works wonder much easier and faster than most other drugs do.


The baking soda is cheap yet a very natural product making it an excellent eco-friendly option for cleaning or as a beauty-enhancing product. However, for people with sensitive skin should allow precaution to follow the above guidelines to avoid any untoward reactions. Moreover, the tips are to be used sparingly and not on a regular basis for cleaning teeth, hair or skin for best and safest outcomes.


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