Style & BeautyBeauty Care Struggles? Here Are Clever Hacks to Make Your Day

Beauty Care Struggles? Here Are Clever Hacks to Make Your Day

It’s important to look good every day and everywhere you go. But looking good does not have to mean investing in highly expensive products. Beauty can be affordable, easy, and awesome.

Check out this article for tips and solutions for your beauty care struggles every day. With these clever hacks, you’ll definitely be saving yourself a lot of time dealing with your everyday beauty care struggles.

So no more of that bulky makeup emergency kit. Instead, face your day lighter and more prepared. Check out these beauty hacks now!

Lipstick All Day With Translucent Powder and a Tissue

All the eating, drinking, or lip biting can cause your lipstick to fade away or significantly lighten up throughout the day, requiring you to touch them up multiple times.

With this first hack, you’ll definitely see your lipstick last longer. What you need to do is to apply your lipstick the same way.

So start with your lip liner, then your lipstick. After, grab a piece of tissue paper and gently place it on top of your lip. Take your brush, apply it to your translucent powder and dab it onto the tissue.

How long it stays will depend on your habits, this will definitely last longer than just applying your lipstick.

Also, this way, you won’t have to worry about getting lipstick on your teeth or on that new Invisalign you’ve got from Sarnia.

Vaseline to Cath All Those Runaway Nail Polish

If you’re painting your nails and you’re in a hurry, you definitely won’t have enough time to clean out the edges of your nails.

You definitely don’t want to be caught dead with messy nail paint jobs. By spreading Vaseline around your fingers where nail polish is likely to drip or smear, you avoid getting messy nails or too much wasted time.

All you need to do is to wash your hands completely after the nail polish gets dry and you get yourself a cleanly applied nail polish.

Microfiber Socks


If you’re someone who uses a beauty blender and always loses it, don’t worry: this next hack will save your life.

You won’t have to turn your house upside down to find your beauty blender. Microfiber socks are equally as effective as beauty blenders and are less expensive.

What you must remember is to use socks that are as new as possible and that are extremely clean.

You run the risk of contaminating your face otherwise. If you haven’t gotten around to having that sun damage treatment in Guelph and are still hiding your blemishes with cosmetics, try the microfiber socks technique.

Blot Your Makeup With Toilet Seat Covers

It might seem gross, but whenever you’re in a public place with no napkin or hanky to blot out that oily face, toilet seat covers will always be there to help you.

Really, it’s the same process as getting out one sheet of oil blotting film from one of your most trusted brands. Only this time, you can get them for free, in public toilets.

Brush Your Lips When You Brush Your Teeth

If your lips are dry, flakiness can mess up your lipstick application. When you brush your lips when you brush your teeth, it’s like getting your lips an exfoliation and a cleaning all at once.

You can also do this before bed so that before bed you get to exfoliate and apply a soothing and calming balm. This way in the morning your lips are at their softest.

Beauty should not be an ongoing battle every day. Make sure you get the most out of your beauty routine at all times.

More complicated procedures, such as PRP treatment from Toronto, are available, but beauty can simply be as easy as applying moisturizer.

Always look for the simplest and best solution to any beauty procedure or routine, one that can save you time and stress.


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