Style & BeautyBeautify Your Life with Beautify Your Heart

Beautify Your Life with Beautify Your Heart

Most women take the time to beautify their hair, their nails, their wardrobe, etc. but now is the time to go a step further and beautify your heart. Yes! Your heart! Did you know that heart disease is the number one killer in women across America? That’s the bad news, but the good news is that is that you can help change that. By being aware of the risks and how to avoid them you are already working your way towards a healthier, more beautiful heart.


A new program by Metamucil and WomenHeart called Beautify Your Heart is available online for information, support and activities to help you set goals towards a healthier life, focusing on lowering your cholesterol which is one of the changes you can make, especially with a little help from Metamucil. See, it’s been proven that adding fiber to your diet can significantly reduce your cholesterol and it just so happens that Metamucil products are infused with 100% natural psyllium fiber. Personally, whenever I thought of “fiber” supplements, I thought of something not so tasty, something that my grandmother swore by, something I would never need. I must say….I tried the new Pink Lemonade Metamucil and it was really good! You wouldn’t even realize that you were drinking something that was healthy, not in the least! If the drink powders aren’t your thing, Metamucil also comes in capsule forms, but I highly suggest the drinks, they were tasty!

Anyway, getting back to the Beautify Your Heart program. You can sign up online for free, create a profile and start setting goals right away. My three goals were to “Cut down on caffeine”, “Take Metamucil daily to help lower your cholesterol” and “Get your blood cholesterol numbers checked”. When you initially create your profile, you are awarded the “pledged” badge and then for every five goals you accomplish after that you receive another virtual “badge”. All together there are about 20 goals which include things like eating more veggies, using music therapy to relax and my personal favorite, take long walks while shopping at the mall! Aside from the personal aspect of the program, their is also a “community” where you are able to share messages and ideas with other Beautify Your Heart members. Think “myspace” for fabulous and healthy women!!

Within the Beautify Your Heart program you will also find an wide variety of resources to help educate yourself and others about heart disease, the risk factors and the solutions. Want to start now? Check out this service provided by WomenHeart to find a Cholesterol Screen location in your area – Find a Location 
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I think I’ve divulged too many secrets about the Beautify Your Heart program already, it’s time for you to go check it out – Beautify Your Heart – and start making goals towards a better you! While you’re there, be sure to enter for a chance to win a heart makeover getaway for you and your friends in the “Beautify Your Heart” sweepstakes!


For a brief description of heart disease and some alarming facts, please visit this Women & Heart Disease Fact Sheet HERE!

A big “heart”felt thank you to Metamucil, WomenHeart &  Family Review Network for this opportunity!


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