Travel5 Best Beach Vacation Tips For Family In 2022

5 Best Beach Vacation Tips For Family In 2022

Summer is in full swing and that means spending more time at the beach and taking vacations.

If you’re traveling this year to a beach location or plan on hitting the beach at some point this summer (I’m extremely jealous of you!) Here are beach vacation tips for family.

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1.  How To Make a Beach Cover Up

Beach Cover ups are certainly not what they used to be. When choosing a cover up I recommend something that resembles a sun dress, that way you can go from swimming to a special beach dinner in no time.

2.  Beach Shoes for Women

While you’re on the beach you may not be wearing beach shoes all the time, but if you plan to leave the beach you’ll want to be sure to wear comfortable shoes that are stylish.

Also, that sand can get pretty hot on your little pigglies! I’m a huge fan of flip flops because they are easy to take off and put on in a hurry and they have become very stylish over the years.

Havaianas are pretty popular this time of year and they have some great styles as well.

Moreover, wearing comfortable shoes will facilitate you in doing adventurous activities on water like jet-skiing and paddle boarding.

3.  Plan Some off-the-Beach Time

Before you start your adventure I recommend scouring the internet for some great locations near your beach Vacation destination.

Maybe you can visit some local restaurants or do some family beach vacation side shopping for some fun.

Many beaches now cater to visitors and provide lots of resources for things you can do while you’re visiting.

4.  Pack The Essentials

When packing do keep in mind you will be outside most of the time, but still be prepared to take some warmer clothes (jackets, long sleeves, etc) in case the nights get chilly.

You’ll also want to take lots of sunscreen, vinegar in case of jelly fish stings, and first-aid supplies.

If you’re traveling to an unfamiliar beach destination, I would again do some research on what you can run in to while on the beach.

You’ll want to also be sure to check the weather to make your accommodations and clothing selections.

5.  Best Beach Weather

One thing I always got aggravated about was having to wait in lines because we chose not to plan. We would go to restaurants and it would be a 2 hour wait or longer.

I definitely recommend leaving the beach early to get a head start on dinner. You will beat the crowd or worst case not have to wait so long. Another option would be making reservations if you can.

Hitting the beach early in the day is another good idea. You’ll be able to choose the perfect beach spot and enjoy the beach before it becomes crowded or gets to hot.

Are you traveling this summer, maybe hitting the beach at some point? Do you have any other tips we missed out on?


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