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Bathroom Shower Stalls – Tips on Choosing the Best to Give Your Shower a New Look

Bathroom Shower Stalls

If your shower stalls are starting to lose its luster and look unattractive, you can replace them with new fiberglass ones. Crisp and clean shower can definitely improve the way your bathroom looks. Changing old moldy stall to a new one is also hygienic and healthy. If you are renovating your bathroom, you may be faced with a dilemma of getting shower enclosures or shower stalls. Shower enclosures consist of only the doors and tracking device for the doors. Fiberglass shower stalls are free standing shower units.

The great thing about  stand alone showers is that they are pre-fab and ready to install in any part of the bathroom. The stalls come with a shower kit, floor, walls and door that swing or slide open. Fiberglass ones are light and movable. You can even take it with you when you move to another home. New stalls have permanent fixtures like grab bars for safety and built in shelves for things like soap.

Bathroom Shower Stalls
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Stand alone showers are easy to install and come in a complete package with everything you need except water pipes and the outer drainage system. A plumber can assist you at home with your water pipes and drainage. If you are a bit confused about what kind do you need, you can consult with the retailer and they can help you decide which type is best suited for your bathroom and lifestyle. You can place them in different parts of your bathroom and they come in corner, neo angle and standard kits.

Pre-fabricated stalls are affordable but if you want custom build stalls; you have to be willing to shell out a bit more. An acrylic one is an alternative to a fiberglass stall. Acrylic stalls are heavier and more expensive than fiberglass stalls. The advantage of acrylic stalls is its durability and longer life. Fiberglass stalls have the advantage of price and weight over the acrylics.

You can shop around and do some window shopping at a retail store or online. Get an idea of what type of stall you really want. Take some measurements and find out if your choice will fit in your bathroom. Calculate the cost of the purchase and installation. Include labor costs if you are going to hire a plumber or contractor to install it. If you are installing them for the first time, you might be overwhelmed with the cost involved.

Have you noticed the bathroom upgrading trend in the last couple years? Bathrooms are now more like spa rooms. The sizes are getting larger and the decor is getting more elaborate. The average price tag for a bathroom make over has soared. Bathrooms are stealing space from adjacent guest rooms or closets and even having bump outs on the exterior wall of the home. Some baths are large enough to have easy chairs or exercise equipment in them. Wow! Not all of us are going to spend $10,000.00 to $20,000.00 to remodel our bath rooms. We will however want to make them nicer, especially if we plan on selling our home in the near future.

We can do a lot to make our bathroom look like a designer decorated it. One way is to be careful in choosing the right shower stall. The shower stall should not feel dark or cramped when you are using it. The shower head you choose can make a lot of difference. The rain shower heads are great. Benches are popular in the new stand alone shower. You can choose from many ready to install units or build one with ceramic tile walls and floor. You can still combine a bath tub and shower. Keep in mind your budget and space to work with. You should be looking for light colors in neutral tones–not dead white. There needs to be storage for soap and shampoo in the shower area. You want to go for a unique look that is user friendly and easy to maintain.

There are several types of units to consider when choosing the right shower stall. You can get a combination bathtub/shower unit, a surround to help update an existing tub, a shower only pre built unit of fiberglass and glass or other materials. The pre made shower units can be circular, semi-circular, square or rectangular and of various sizes. You can hire a contractor to build you a shower unit and install ceramic tile on the walls and floor. All of the stand alone showers types require a shower door or curtain to keep the water in. Shower doors come with a metal frame or frameless. Shower heads should be high efficiency to save water use.

You will need a good shower stall with a door or curtain, no matter what look or style you are trying to achieve in your bath room. There are glass doors of various types and hundreds of choices in shower curtains. If you choose to build your own stand alone shower there are books to show you how to tile a shower wall and install the shower pan on the floor. The right shower stall will make your bathroom special and pleasant to use.


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