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Atkins Advantage Bar Review and Giveaway

atkins-logoThe funniest thing happened to me the other day. I was like a human vacuum when it came to eating. I believe I started the day with some fig newtons, water melon and coffee…and from there it was ice cream, pie, a handful of Doritos and pizza for dinner. I don’t know why…but for some reason I was still very hungry. OK,OK, I’m joking….I know exactly why I wasn’t getting satisfied. After looking at that menu it’s glaringly obvious I was noshing on nothing but garbage with very little nutritional value. But when you’re knee deep in sugar, that can be difficult to realize.

As luck would have it, I received a delivery earlier in the day, but hadn’t had a chance to open it yet. After I put the baby to bed, I ventured back to my office to see what had arrived. Wouldn’t you know it, the box contained the sample Advantage Bars Atkins sent me to check out.

Thank goodness that’s what I found, because that was exactly what I need to end the sugar binge. I didn’t waste any time; I dug right into the chocolatiest bar I could find, which was the Marshmallow Mudslide. It was actually very good. It satisfied what seems to be an undying hunger for chocolate and actually put my appetite to rest too.

I couldn’t help but think that this would be a great late afternoon snack for those couple of hours right before the end of the work day…you know, the time of day when you’re thinking about dinner and struggling to stay alert with a can of Coke.

I know what you’re thinking…isn’t Atkins the diet that pushes ranch dressing and bacon all day long. Well…not so much. According to their website, Atkins is about eating delicious and healthy foods, including lean protein, leafy greens, vegetables, nuts, fruits and whole grains. I think we can all agree that’s a healthy approach to dieting! The bars are just an additional (not to mention easy and fast) way to keep you on track.

Personally, I try to maximize every moment of the day. So, I love a healthy food that I can grab and eat with one hand.

And, guess what? I have an opportunity for you to try some yourself. Here are the details:

The Giveaway:

Atkins Package1

Included is an assortment of delicious Advantage bars that are packed with protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals to help satisfy your hunger and help you eat right. As an added bonus, the winner will receive three top-selling books from Atkins, including “Atkins for Life,” “The Essential Atkins for Life Kit: Tools, Tips and Techniques for Maintaining a Low Carb Lifestyle for Permanent Weight Loss and Optimal Health,” and “Dr. Atkins’ Quick & Easy New Diet Cookbook: Companion to Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution

To Enter:

You Must visit Atkins on line and let me know something interesting you learned or why you’d be interested in winning this giveaway.

For Extra Entries:

1. For me on Twitter @AverageParent or become a fan of The Average Parent on Facebook. You can do both–just leave a separate comment below for each.

2. Sign up for the Mom Fuse newsletter. Once you’ve signed up and activated your subscription, come back here and leave a comment.

  • U.S. & Canada residents only
  • Contest ends 9/19
  • Comments not adhering to the rules will be deleted
  • Good Luck!

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