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Top Causes of Anal Itching

If you scratch your anal region constantly then probably it is due to a condition called anal itching. An itchy butt can affect anyone. However, there are two major types of causes. One is primary where the causes are unknown while the other one is secondary which means that causes are identifiable. We had a meeting with Pete Peterson, representative of a company called Pranicura – pruritus ani ointment manufacturer. He mentioned some of the secondary causes that can be classified further into categories:

anal itching

  • Hygiene

This refers to the scenarios when you fail to practice proper hygiene leaving your skin susceptible to irritations. When you fail to bathe regularly, you might feel the urge to scratch the parts where sweat has accumulated and generated itchiness. There are also cases when you might either under-wipe or over-wipe yourself after passing stool. You should ensure that bowel movements are hygienic since any fecal matter left on the anal region can cause infections. Improper wiping can harm the tender skin of the anus creating some irritation too.

  • Skin Conditions

They include dermatitis and psoriasis. They lead to the creation of irritable spots which you may then want to scratch. When you do, they burst into injuries and wounds which are painful and even itchier.

  • Rectal or Anal Disorders

Piles and anal fissures are some of the prime anorectal disorders you might face which have a tendency of inducing irritations. You should take extreme care to get medical assistance when such are evident especially in the cases where blood oozes out of the rectum.

  • Infections

There are several parasitic and sexually transmitted disorders that you ought to be wary of. Pinworms and hookworms are some of the parasites which cause infections that cause irritations within the anal region. Several kinds of bacteria, viruses and yeast can cause sexually transmitted diseases within the same area.

  • Systemic Conditions

This entails the conditions that might affect your entire body system. Their tendency to cause inflammations makes them notable and they include; aplastic anemia, inflammation bowel disease, thyroid disease, leukemia, diabetes and jaundice.

  • Foods

There are certain foods which you might be allergic to. Consuming them means that you might experience some side effects amongst them being excessive irritation on the skin. Chili, pepper, spicy foods and tomatoes are some of the foods to avoid in general which aggravate itching. Coffee on the other hand can cause relaxed anal muscles allowing fecal matter to seep through. This can then lead to infections.

Some other foods like fibers minimize irritations and when they are not taken in adequacy one may experience more anal itching.

  • Clothing

Clothes have a huge role to play in either enhancing or minimizing your anal itching. Undergarments protect your anal region against the rough pants’ fabric. This means that you risk having anal itching when you fail to wear underwear. You should wear undergarments that are preferably made of cotton or any other ideally soft material. Such material should easily absorb any moisture within the anal area to minimize itching.

Excessively tight underwear can lead to generation of more moisture near the anus since they do not have room for proper aeration. The pressure of rubbing your clothes on the seat may cause an itch which can generate the urge to scratch yourself.

  • Drugs

They include; chemotherapy, quinidine, neomycin and colchicine. The overuse of laxatives is a known contributor to itchiness on the skin.


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