Health & FitnessAdding Techniques to Your Weight Loss Repertoire

Adding Techniques to Your Weight Loss Repertoire

Weight loss isn’t easy for almost anybody. Sure, we all know some skinny so-and-so for whom the pounds just seem to slip away after missing breakfast. For the rest of us, it can be very tough to lose even a little bit of weight. Life just wasn’t designed for it! If you’re a Mom, you’ve got lots of other lives to run, in addition to or before your own. It can be difficult to count calories and do an extra two laps at the track when you’ve got meals to prepare, homework to coach, schedules to maintain, and a career to manage. However, weight can be lost with planning and effort. If you can manage to incorporate more than one of the following techniques, you could lose significant poundage by summer.

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Coolsculpting might not be a household name (at least it isn’t at my house), but that’s not because it isn’t awesome. Tending to be lumped in with plastic surgeries and liposuction procedures, coolsculpting actually couldn’t be more different. First of all, it’s fat loss without scalpels or surgeries or pain. Second of all, there is little recovery time to speak of and these sessions are very affordable. Coolsculpting is best used on fatty areas that won’t just lose the inches you hope for. One session will have a technician using a machine to put cold temperature directly in the fat you want to lose. These chilly temps make fat cells release the fat they contain into your system, where the fat is digested and/or eliminated. A few days after your first session, you’ll see noticeable reduction in the fatty areas that have given you trouble. Combine this with any of the other techniques in this list, and your results will be more than satisfactory.

Coffee and Tea

Cutting calories is still a great way to lose weight (the only way, depending on how you think about it), and caffeine-rich drinks like coffee and tea can help. Caffeine is a natural stimulant, one which promotes a faster metabolism and restricts appetite. If you can skip breakfast every now and then in favor of twelve ounces of black coffee or tea (with vegan milk and stevia, if you please, not dairy or sugar), you will be cutting calories while spurring your metabolism into greater action first thing in the morning. It’s a great way to lose some weight.

Eat Only What You Make From Scratch

This is a terrific rule that would make all of our lives better if we were to follow it. Most of us want to pig out on super-tasty food, right? But we don’t because unlimited indulgence would have us gaining lots of weight. If you eat great food, but only when you’ve taken the time to make it yourself, you are allowed to eat all you want according to this method. The thing is, most people don’t have the time or desire to spend hundreds of hours to make lots and lots of rich food. You’ll be limited to simpler foods that can be prepared in shorter time, making you lose weight overall. When you do splurge on something rich and delicious, you’ll enjoy it all the more, and gain the skill of knowing how to prepare it yourself!

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